Thursday, October 8, 2015

The One With With The Pregnancy Announcement

We are SO thrilled about this new edition that will arrive in May! 

But right now this little rascal is making itself known! I've been sick & exhausted for the last 2 weeks (and if experience means anything I've got 15 more weeks of yucky.)  If you've seen me lately chances are I was coaching myself to not be sick.  This is my what's inside my mind lately...

"Morgan, you're going to be ok. You can be back on the couch in 3 hours.
Wait, no you're not going to make it.  Better sit down.  Have some water.  
If I have to drink one more glass of water I'll punch something.  I miss sweet tea. 
Note to self...find a drive thru that sells decaf sweet tea. 
Drive thru...that reminds me what do we want for supper.  Pizza? 
Oh gross, that makes me sick.  Ok, time to sit down again. 
2 and a half hours until you can be back on the couch." 

BUT--I also like being all out of sorts it makes me feel like little one is growing & healthy.  

So I may be MIA from the blog for a while.  You know until I can stay up past 8:30 and don't take daily naps.  I'm also trying to find the perfect place in our home to take weekly bump pictures. I'm thinking sometime a little more creative than the guest bathroom like last go around. We will see. 

Thanks for the love and well wishes.  Happy Weekend!