Thursday, July 7, 2016

The One With The Fourth Of July {2016}

Is it weird that I always forget how much I love 4th of July weekend?? Every year it rolls around and I'm reminded that it's one of my favorite holidays for several reasons...

1. Casual
It's SO laid back! There is no major planning, gift buying or decorating.  Just hanging out and enjoying time with family and friends.

2. Coordinating Outfits
I am up for any occasion that allows for theme dressing.  We were the red, white and blue family all weekend!

3.  Food

4. Freedom
I'm a great big fan of the USA & the freedoms this country gives its citizens. But I'm mostly a GIANT fan of the freedom that comes through Jesus.  I'll take any holiday that can shine the goodness of Jesus!

5. Heroes
I have the privilege to know many men and women who have served our country past & present.  I'm thankful for this day that shines a light on their greatness.  I have been taught to have nothing but respect for these men & women.  To ALL who have served, thank you for being selfless.  I'd like to honor a very special veteran who went to be with Jesus this week.  Jonathan's grandpa, Mr. McKay, was one of these selfless men who served his country, served God, and served his family.  We love him so much & know he is in the presence of Jesus. 

We started the weekend at White River at my grandparents little lake house.  My sister & I have always known some sort of lake getaway.  Growing up they had a place at Possum Kingdom

{This picture is so special to me. It's me & my cousins with my DadDad at PK.  If be the one behind the steering wheel wearing a "Pistol Petes Pizza" shirt!}

  Lots of summers were spent on the water fishing, tubing, swimming, & just being together as a family.  I'm so thankful that my grands love the lake and welcome us out whenever we want!

Jack got plenty of attention!

White River Lake isn't the biggest or the best, but I spent 10 summers at the camp across the way, so it's my favorite lake of all time. 

Mom was channeling her inner Rob Wilkinson & trying to hypnotize Jack. 

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

We got there Friday night & went to the Marina {with everyone else in a 30 mile radius} for the fish fry then headed back to the house to watch the firework show.  I told Brynn we were going to watch a fire work show and she said, "I don't even know what that means." Hah! Well the firework show started, I broke out some glow sticks...& she was the least bit impressed.  Maybe next year!

Everyone was up early the next day for some water fun!

It was breezy enough for Jack to spend the morning outside with us, but that also meant the water was WAY chilly for the swimmers!

Yay for Reagan & John meeting us there on Saturday.  Brynn just adores both of them, and they are awesome enough to go along with all of her bossy orders. 

Then the storms started rolling in.  We were smart enough to get out of the water & back to the house before the downpour started...all those other people down there were not. And it provided us some great entertainment!  

 Brynn wanted to play hide-n-seek. This is where Reagan hid.

 We left after supper on Saturday & we weren't even a mile down the road before this happened. 

We pulled into the driveway around 8 and she looked like this...then went right to bed and slept until 8 on Sunday!

We ate Sunday lunch with Devin, Kensey, & Miss Adeline.  Brynn has always been unsure about Devin until he took her to get a balloon, pretty sure he's her best friend now!

On Monday, we went to my parents house for food, fun, & fireworks. We took a few pictures before we left #BecauseObviously  

And she looked like this before we were even off our street.  Girl has been playing hard this summer!

My sweets!

Jack's first 4th & first holiday! 

I think everyone is on pins and needles waiting to see if his little legs and arms chunk up like sisters. ;)

We spent the evening watching Battle Bots, {don't judge, it has me hooked!} watching Brynn swim {I have a hilarious snap of her crashing into the pool} & spending time with family and friends. I love the 4th! 

And here are a few pictures of my cuties from the past few days. 

Have a great week!