Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend Jonathan's parents & sister came to visit.  They live far away so we are always glad when they get to see Brynn.  We had a fun weekend of watching Brynn play, enjoying the rain, & running around town.  

It's my favorite & we got so much last weekend.  I think somewhere over 4.5 inches.  
Praise to God for providing for the land!


"I keep waking up on Saturdays & Aunt Jilly is here!" 


Jonathan's parents stayed in our guest room, so Jillian had to sleep in the living room on this mattress. We kept it in our room during the day & every time I walked in I thought we had an inflatable boat on our bed. 


On Saturday we ran some errands with this cutie pie. 



She LOVES straws & cups.  I always sit in the back with her. I think I'm going to have to use a different cup holder.  


We came home & played the day away. 


I really need to do a post on our front & back yards.  It's a HUGE before/after change.  Once we are done with the back (hopefully this week!) I will post some pics...because you really need to see the "Sahara" landscape that used to be our yards. 
Yike...spikes! (Name that Movie!)


Brynn & her Nana. 


You can barely see it, but we have a little bird family in our gutter (far right).  Last year they nested on a lamp by our garage door.  I am SO surprised they weren't washed away with the rain.  


On Sunday, after church, we ate lunch at good 'ole Taco Villa! 
Brynn ate a spoon...


And a lemon. 


Sunday we ran to KKs & Brynn checked out all the ducks with her Papa G. Then we went home for naps!


They left on Monday morning & J had the day off. He was supposed to be watching Brynn while I got ready.  I came into the living room and he was playing his game.  
Caught ya!


We spent Memorial Day running all over town looking for patio furniture, enjoying the afternoon downpour, & dinner and weather watching at my parents.  

I love a long weekend.  

And  I have to say something in reference to Memorial Day. 

J & I have watched 2 different D-Day documentaries on PBS this week.  And I cannot stop thinking about the ABSOLUTE bravery these men demonstrated.  I mean these guys stormed the beaches all while KNOWING & seeing that their odds were not high.  Just incredible.  To all who have, are, & will serve.  You have my utmost respect.  I know I need to do more to help & support these veterans & their families.  Any idea on how to do that? 

I would seriously suggest checking out these documentaries if you are at all interested in history.  It blew my mind with the amount of planning & engineering that went into D-Day alone.  Did you know they brought their own port by sinking specially designed ships? That wooden & paper gliders flew across enemy lines before the boats landed.  And all those PAPER planes had to crash into trees & rocks in order to land in PITCH dark behind enemy lines? That submarines (without windows by the way) piloted by men under the age of 23 had to make paths through the ocean mines for all the other ships? 

I mean seriously.  Incredible. Truly the greatest generation. 

Here is a link to one that we watched.

 D-Day Documentary. 

  I'm sure you can find the other on there too.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Discovering Allergies

After switching Brynn to Enfamil formula her skin changed radically (for the better.) I was sure of 2 things. 1- She had a milk allergy/sensitivity. 2- This would make her better. 

Well after a few weeks her skin starting to break out again. 

After talking to several friends about the struggle with their kids eczema, I knew we needed to get to an allergist. I called Brynn's pediatrician & asked them to refer us (which I could tell he was hesitant about.) We were given an appointment time & told we would see Dr. Garcia. Everyone who I asked absolutely raved about how wonderful she was. 

Before we went to see Dr. Garcia we had Brynn's 9 month appointment. While we were there her pediatrician said (I'm paraphrasing here) that we were wasting our time, money, & efforts going to an allergist. That she was too young to register anything... & here is the kicker he said, "eczema doesn't hurt her." 

Ummm... I impolitely respectfully disagree. Because a baby just scratches their face, scalp, stomach, & legs til they bleed for NO REASON? At this point it was a good thing J was with me because I was getting angry. 

Anyway, let me calm down. Ok. I'm good. Doesn't he know not to mess with a Momma? Especially a red-head Momma?? :)

It was time for her allergist appointment & her skin had been great for a whole week. I really started getting sick about how the skin test would hurt her. And how guilty ('s always a struggle!) I would feel if it all came back negative. So I told Jonathan that we would just talk to the doctor & see what she wanted to do instead of insisting on the test. 

We met Dr. Garcia & instantly LOVED her. She actually listed to & validated my concerns & DID NOT make me feel like a paranoid 1st time mom. So when she said we needed to test a few things I completely trusted her. 

We tested 12 "triggers." Dust, (several types) dog, soy, wheat, milk, peanuts, egg, cantaloupe, & fish. 

My little girl is tough. Tougher than her Momma that is for sure. She only cried for about 15 seconds after getting pricked. Twice. With 12 barbs. Yikes. She had to sit still for 15 minutes so of course we watched Daniel Tiger. And just like that she had forgotten about it hurting her! 

While she watched Daniel, I watched her back. I have never been allergy tested so I had no idea what kind of reaction to expect. While I was watching she had several hives swell up almost immediately (I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture!) I just KNEW the big one had to be milk. When Dr. Garcia came back in she looked at Brynn's back and said, "Wow." Then left the room. 

Umm...nervous mom here!! She came back with a ruler that measured circles (that's a terrible description, I can't think of another way to describe it) & her computer. She told us that she rarely sees a baby react as severely as she did. She went to measure the 2 largest whelps and her ruler didn't measure large enough (now I'm not talking like golf ball size or anything. Her biggest whelp was 20mm.) 

She told us that Brynn had a slight reaction to dogs (10 points to me for figuring that one out so quickly!) And to dust. I think I actually laughed out loud when she said that. We live in Lubbock. We don't have dust. :)

Peanuts & egg were the biggest worry with an off the charts severe reaction. Dr. Garcia recommended that she stay away from eggs all together. Not in baked goods, no whites, no yolks. No egg. And the same for peanuts. She said to keep her away from all forms & recommended that we not even eat it. And if we did, not to touch or kiss her. 

She set us up with an epi-pen, subscribed some allergy meds daily to take care of her CONSTANT runny nose & cough. Told us we could use hydrocortisone if she did break out to take care of the itching. And recommended some lotions. 

Wait, did we actually just get help? Did she actually listen to us & not just tell me "it happens to all babies-she'll grow out of it?"


There is a chance she could grow of out this (we will retest next year) but you know what, either way we can deal with it! Some people are telling me how hard it will be. Maybe I'm naive, but right now I don't care how hard it is. It's something we have to do. Something I'll gladly do to keep my baby girl safe. And trust me, I know we could be dealing with A LOT more intense issues. 

As far as her eczema goes she has super sensitive skin.  The more I think about it, we eat Chick-fil-A ALL the time...cooked in peaunt oil.  We eat 5 Guys...peaunts EVERYWHERE. I eat a PBJ at least once a week & snack on peanuts a lot. So my guess is that was causing her skin to react so insane. 

This is her skin this weekend after being extra careful about what she comes into contact with...CLEAR! 


Now that we have her an Epi-Pen, you KNOW I have to have something cute to carry it in searched ETSY & I found these. They are so cute & the clear front is so smart! I also like that it has enough room for the trainer, some Benadryl, & the emergency card. I found them here

I found these stickers on Pinterest that I'm thinking I need to get also, would be great for school! Found here.

I'm having to remind myself to check labels & do a little research when we eat out, but we are beyond glad we found out this way. I'm giving God all the praise because I know He gave me this "mothers intuition." One day all doctors will realize that mothers know their children better than anyone! 

This scripture always comes to mind when I think about a "mothers intuition." 

Isaiah 30:21

If you have any tips, tricks, or recipes I would love to hear some feedback. 

And, if you've stuck with this crazy long post, you get a gold star. Or a Sonic drink. Yes, go get a Sonic coke! 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jonathan Michael

May is FULL of special days in our family.  And today is Jonathan's birthday!! 

Jonathan is probably the funniest person I know, ('cause, Chandler on Friends is pretty hysterical) he watches a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos, could watch Cops all day--everyday, & is deeply devoted to his Houston Rockets & Dallas Cowboys.

Jonathan is the MOST patient person I know (how he puts up with me everyday--I have no clue.  'Cause I'll admit--I'm difficult--Big shocker.) He is thoughtful & the BEST dad to Brynn.  He can make her laugh like no one else & gets the BIGGEST smiles from her.  

Jonathan leads our family spiritually & lives to honor God.  I'm so grateful to be his wife. 

 Let's all agree that we need to bring back neon pirate photo backdrops! :)

Happy Birthday, love! Here's to many more!

We love you!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sister

A great big, giant, huge Happy Birthday to my sister!!!!

I remember the day you were born. It was awesome for 2 reasons.  1: I got a sister & 2: Because I got to skip school! :)

I also remember seeing you for the first time & thinking..."They told me I was gettting a sister, that looks like a brother." Hehe!

God knew our family needed you.  He knew we needed someone who is outgoing, super silly, laid back, ridiculously athletic, & loyal.  He knew I would need a sister that I could quote movies & TV, go on fun family vacations, be an awesome aunt to B & to be a best friend.  I admire the person you are & the choices you have made.  I admire your study habits (cause we all know I lack in that department,) your dedication to your job & your friends, your "always up for anything as long as I don't have to make the decision" attitude, & most important the way you love & search for Jesus.  I'm so proud to be your sister! 

Now...time for some pictures...& a few quotes!

May 19, 1993

We spent many summers on the lake at PK. 

Did I mention she rocked an eye patch??

Washington D.C. July 2001

She played the mess outta the Rugrats game on her game boy.  

Cruise in 2004

She crashed every night at dinner. Just too cute, sister.

 Disney 2007 
"They WANT you to take the rolls!" But probably not from the Dallas Papadeaux to the Orlando Airport.  

Maid of Honor at my wedding. 

I spent many, many nights in a gym watching her play. And I loved it!

Christmas 2009
We're going to the beach!

North Captiva 2010

Happy Graduation!
"Too many shells, not enough time."

Breckenridge, CO
"I'm only human."

Saying good-bye to our Anton house. 
"Bye house, thank you."

Brynn meets her Aunt Reagan 

Brynn & her college friends  

I love you Reagan Nicole Mills (soon to be Moore) have the BEST birthday!!