Friday, May 2, 2014

A Week of Pictures

Thank you for all of your positive feedback on yesterday's post.  I love this "Mommy Network" that I have and am thankful for each of you! 

Now time for a fun post & a million pictures! 

Taking a sweet nap while Momma and Aunt Ellen walked around the park. 

I went to get a paper towel and she dumped out her sweet potatoes. 

Last weekend Aunt Jilly came to see Brynn & we looooooovvveee having her here! Seriously, I'm trying so hard to get her to move to Lubbock.  But of course, she was here on that incredibly yucky weekend so I don't think it boosted my odds.  

Brynn was keeping a close eye on her friend, Lauren!

And she went to town on her diaper bag. Teething makes you do crazy things!

Lunch at Grams & Pops

Of course, we had Olive Garden. And B & Jillian were making faces at each other. 

I. Ate. A. Salad. 
And didn't die! 

We ate LOTS of candy, watched lots of basketball, spent a lot of time on Pinterest, & and had the best time. I love my sister-in-law so much! And am SO glad she was part of the deal when I married J! 😊 Now everyone--let's get her to Lubbock! 

On Wednesday we went out to Anton to have lunch with MeMa & DadDad.  When we pulled in their driveway and saw my Dad and DadDad working in the barn, the house smelled like a yummy lunch, & all of us around the table it felt like I was back in high school again.  I just love that little house and the memories that fill it. 

When we got home Brynn took at nap.  I snapped this pic right before I took the blankie off her face.  There are so many safety fails in this pic (how many can you spot!)  She only naps with the blankie and loves to pull it over her face.

Then we went to dinner before church.   The girls enjoyed people watching...just not looking at each other.

It's been a fun week & I'm soooooo glad it's the weekend.  We have nothing planned but lots of family time.  And I have a new season of Psych to watch! 

Happy Weekend!

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