Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Sister

A great big, giant, huge Happy Birthday to my sister!!!!

I remember the day you were born. It was awesome for 2 reasons.  1: I got a sister & 2: Because I got to skip school! :)

I also remember seeing you for the first time & thinking..."They told me I was gettting a sister, that looks like a brother." Hehe!

God knew our family needed you.  He knew we needed someone who is outgoing, super silly, laid back, ridiculously athletic, & loyal.  He knew I would need a sister that I could quote movies & TV, go on fun family vacations, be an awesome aunt to B & to be a best friend.  I admire the person you are & the choices you have made.  I admire your study habits (cause we all know I lack in that department,) your dedication to your job & your friends, your "always up for anything as long as I don't have to make the decision" attitude, & most important the way you love & search for Jesus.  I'm so proud to be your sister! 

Now...time for some pictures...& a few quotes!

May 19, 1993

We spent many summers on the lake at PK. 

Did I mention she rocked an eye patch??

Washington D.C. July 2001

She played the mess outta the Rugrats game on her game boy.  

Cruise in 2004

She crashed every night at dinner. Just too cute, sister.

 Disney 2007 
"They WANT you to take the rolls!" But probably not from the Dallas Papadeaux to the Orlando Airport.  

Maid of Honor at my wedding. 

I spent many, many nights in a gym watching her play. And I loved it!

Christmas 2009
We're going to the beach!

North Captiva 2010

Happy Graduation!
"Too many shells, not enough time."

Breckenridge, CO
"I'm only human."

Saying good-bye to our Anton house. 
"Bye house, thank you."

Brynn meets her Aunt Reagan 

Brynn & her college friends  

I love you Reagan Nicole Mills (soon to be Moore) have the BEST birthday!!

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