Thursday, May 25, 2017

The One Where Jillian Marries Nathan

Last weekend we headed to Oklahoma City for Aunt Jillian's wedding!

The rehearsal dinner was downtown in the Devon energy building.  The views were incredible & the food was, to use Brynn's words, "yummi-licious!"

This guy was a trooper all weekend. He was so tired!

The next day we met up with everyone at the wedding venue & Jonathan's parents took time out to set up a little party for Jack & him.  It was so kind of them to do that! I know they had a million other things to do!

And let's go ahead and talk about this wedding venue...GORGEOUS.  I never knew Oklahoma City was so pretty & full of trees! 

Brynn & her cousin Isabel were flower girls! She couldn't have loved her dress more. 

Nathan's niece was the other flower girl.  She couldn't have been more kind to Brynn all weekend! 

Jack was a ring bearer! We had some issues with his little tux...arm rolls don't lend to buttoning cuffs! 

Beautiful, beautiful bride. 

Chelsea is Jack's self-proclaimed #1 fan!

The kids were all over the dance floor!

These cousins had a blast!

When people say Jack & Brynn look alike I think..."the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!"

Jack did so well...until about 50 people behind the photographer tried to get him to smile for this picture!

Jillian & Nathan your wedding was just perfect & absolutely beautiful! We love you guys!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The One With the Dinosaur Party

After Brynn's recital we headed to Grams & Pops house to celebrate our ONE year old!!

Yay for finally being able to buy Chick-fil-a nugget trays!

I found all these cute dinosaur decorations on Oriental Trading! I loved them!

My friend, Katy, brought these cookies to school for her sons birthday. So naturally I stole her idea! Sugar cookies sandwiched between buttercream icing & rolled in sprinkles.  Nothing bad about that!

It's not a party without Elizabeth!

Jack still won't eat solid food so he didn't eat a bite of his cake...

...but this girl had no problems finishing it!

Addy-Cakes & Jack Jack!

The dad's had a great time with the magic tracks!

I think Jack had a pretty great 1st birthday!

Oh, this sweet boy has my heart!

Up tomorrow...
...our weekend in OKC at Aunt Jillian & Uncle Nathan's wedding!