Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The One With Family Pictures {2017}

Fall family photos are pretty special to me.  I know I get tons of snaps of my kids daily, but capturing these moments while they are young & of us as a family is joy to my heart! 

Monica Higgins at Shine A Little is just incredible!  There is no one else I'd trust with our family photos.  She is professional & patient with my kids.  This is the first session that hasn't involved a crying or grumpy Brynn. Instead we got crazy town & goofy face Brynn.  But, like she always does, Monica got the sweetest images of my family.  If you come to our house it's her work covering our walls! We love you, Monica!

Friday, November 18, 2016

The One With The Ornaments

Good morning & Happy Gilmore Girls Day! This morning I'm taking Jack {back} to the doctor in hopes of some better answers to why he's been so yucky the past 10 days. We would love any prayers on his behalf.  But you better believe that as soon as they are asleep tonight I'll be making popcorn, wearing my Gilmore Girls shirt & watching until I can't hold my eyes open! Yay!  

One of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas is pulling out all the sentimental ornaments I've collected over the years.  I thought I'd share a few!

Family photo ornament.  

This year!

Brynn's first Christmas

The current state of Brynn's ornament from last year. She sat on poor Mary! 

This is the ornament Brynn picked out this year. So sweet just like her!

These 2 Santa ornaments were given to me by my MeMa. They are so special to me!

I think these are from 2014, the year Brynn was obsessed with Minnie!

I bought these for everyone in the family the year that the Rangers were in the world series.  I'll also remember this as the Christmas I found out I was pregnant with Brynn. 

I bought both of these last year because we thought we would know the baby's gender before Christmas and I wanted to include these in the reveal.  Well, it was January before we found out and these were too cute to return! So I wrote the kids birthdays on the back & now they are birthday ornaments! 

I picked up these adorable gingerbread ornaments for the kids this year. 

I try to always buy an ornament from anywhere we travel as a souvenir. 

Family trip to Ruidoso
2014 (I think?)

San Antonio {I found this in Gruene.  It's my favorite!}

Honeymoon in Florida


Do you have any special ornament traditions? I'd love to see your favorites! Post them in the comments here or on the feed. 

Happy Decorating!

The One With All The Fall Fun

Well if I can't manage to find the time to blog once a month, then maybe once a season? So here is a peak into our last 3 months (all the laughing emojis here!)

I love coordinating the kiddies outfits when I can.  So matching pumpkin tee's called for pictures! But Brynn firmly said, "Jack is NOT my best friend!" and refused to take a picture with him. {sigh}

Then I bribed her with candy and she smiled. {eye roll}

Last fall I was miserable with all-day pregnancy sickness and we did basically nothing fun.  So I feel like this year we did everything possible to make up for it.

 First stop... Elizabeth's Pancake Party & the Corn Maze with Grams & Pops!

Lets talk about her boots.  She got a pair of Hunter boots for her birthday & momma is jealous!! I'm looking forward to some cold/snowy weather so she can wear them all the time!

Let's also talk about her jeans.  ADORABLE. But, you'll never see her in them again.  Girl HATES jeans {I can't even be mad about it, no one loves skinny jeans.} They are super stretchy but aren't her cup of tea.  So dresses and ruffle pants for us!

In order to get this smile I had to promise her I wouldn't make her pose for pictures for the rest of the day! 

Three years ago. Crazy!

Grams stayed behind to feed Jack while we took off on the hayride to the pumpkin patch and as soon as we sat down Brynn informed us that she was done and ready to go home! She was barely awake in the next few pictures. 

She wanted to pick the smallest pumpkin.  Pretty sure she found it!

Brynn, for as long as you let me I will dress you in holiday themed apparel.  

We spend a few days hanging out with Addy-cakes!

Took some chair pictures before we ran out the door.  My heart will break a little on the day that they are bigger than this char. 

And the BEST thing that has happened this Fall?? BRYNN LOVES HER BROTHER! Like she makes him laugh, asks to hold him, and talks to him so sweetly.  #finally

J & I  went with the Hoods to the worlds loudest concert! We saw Need to Breathe, Mat Kearney, and Parachute.  It was great...but loud! And we didn't get home til like 11:30.  I'm not meant for that kinda life! haha!

I rearranged some things in Brynn's room. We just need like 5 more square feet in there and we are set! hah!

We celebrated Pops birthday!

Then went to our first of several Halloween events.  LCU's Trunk or Treat.  It was ridiculously warm for October, so Jack couldn't wear his costume.  Luckily we had this cute shark outfit that was great!

Brynn was a Lolly-Pop Fairy.  Perfect for my little candy monster. 

We ran into the Drumrights (we LOVE them!) Brynn wasn't so sure about Malcolm's costume. Hah! And sweet Sophie helped Brynn trick or treat. 

Jonathan was traveling for work so Grams helped us out! Don't know what we'd do without all the family help we get.

Then it was costume parade day at SNS.  Brynn chose to be a ballerina this day.  

Putting her candy on top of the fridge didn't stop this candy monster! She pushed over a chair and helped herself!

Then it was time for the festival at Monterey. It was SO much fun! 

Brynn had smores for supper. 

She played some games. 

Took some cute pictures. 

Jumped in the "housey bouncey." How cute is that!

And Jack hung out with his future wife, Adeline. They even coordinated. :)

And again, we had to bribe her for a family photo.  Just pretend Jack's not mid-jabber!

Guess what?? The next day was ANOTHER day to trick or treat!
 This time we were at South Plains and Jack was able to wear his dino costume!

John & Reagan met us there this time too!

Cutie friends!

She wasn't so sure about this...

Reagan wanted to see how much Jack could look like Brynn!

And she played my favorite game ever...PLINKO! It seriously is a dream of mine to play Plinko.  Is that weird??

Then we celebrated my "Thirty Birthday." 

And now after all of that fun this is what we look like...


Now we are gearing up for a busy Holiday season of family, travel, and more memories! 

Maybe I'll see you back here before winter is over.