Thursday, May 28, 2015

Friday Favorites: Volume Three

I really have enjoyed blogging this way.  Once a week with everything crammed into one post! It's so easy to keep up with.  You should join us!
 {And by us, I mean these girls who I blog stalk and don't actually know in real life! Ha!} 

**I wrote this blog while watching the weather coverage of this crazy Lubbock weather.  It always proves to be very entertaining!**


We started our Memorial Day Weekend helping my sister and her husband move apartments.  We all met at Rosa's before and Brynn was sporting the world's sweetest piggy tails! 

B also learned how to say "Reagan!" Saturday and I think she yelled, "REAGAN!" 45 times at lunch. 

And when she's being serious she will call me, "MORGAN!" and when we are trying to leave the house she says, "JONATHAN! YOU READY!?" 
hehe! I wonder why she says that. ;)

Then on Tuesday she let me give her a pony tail. 

Sometimes she will sit in my lap and let me fix her hair as long as I want.  And sometimes she says, "NO! No pony!"
And I have to chase her to just put a clippie in. 

It's still not quite long enough.  But it's definitely cute enough & my FAVORITE thing right now! 

And it was just warm enough for the water table! 


Sunday night we had a Mills Family Fish Fry at my grandparents and it was a yummy FAVORITE this week!

Anyone who knows my grandpa knows that he is the definition of a fisherman.  If there was one fish in the lake & 30 people fishing...he would catch it!

I'm really looking forward to getting B to the lake for a day or two this summer.  

We continued our eating Monday night at momma & daddy's.  

Mom brought out my sisters old doll house.  We laid down a blanket.  Pulled out the giant umbrella. Little Miss isn't spoiled one bit. ;)

The big kids played croquet.  And I made the best shot, probably of all time.  Seriously.  I impressed myself. But then I majorly lost.  I see lots of croquet games in our summer. Brynn made a game of moving the balls around. ha!

In our home guacamole is sacred.  We love it.  We make it once or twice a week and this girl cannot get enough.  It's a FAVORITE for sure. 

She usually ends up sucking it off chips or eating it with her hands. 


Brynn has just gotten into pretend play. The other day she was walking around the house with Jonathan's phone charger draped around her neck like it was a stethoscope.  She would listen to the hearts of all her stuffed animals and babies.  So cute! And SO unsafe.  So I found this doctor kit on major sale at Target and scooped it up Wednesday!

Another new play FAVORITE is paint & play dough.  And if you don't get it out for her quick enough she flails around in front of the craft closet.  And if you don't get the correct color out she will let you have it.  It's slowly becoming B's way or the highway around the Garner house.  


Just try these.  You'll eat the whole bag.  But it's worth it.  Delish. 


I've had several unfavorites this week.  Unfavorites that have happened to me & close friends and all I want to say about it now is disappointing.  It often doesn't go the way we think it should go.  But I guess that is what helps us remember that this world is not our home & to be thankful in all circumstances. 

Ok, a light hearted unfavorite.

Who decided that you have to cook during summer? 45 min of cooking, 45 min of dishes.  Who wants that?? I'm thinking about using all of my food budget for the summer for eating out.  We will just bounce around all the dollar menus & kids eat free days. That's healthy.  Right? 

What are your favorites from the week? 

Happy Friday! Stay safe & on higher ground this weekend Texas friends. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites: Volume Two

Two weeks in a row! I'm so proud of myself!

Thanks to my friend, Diana I think I can actually link up this week! If you don't have a blog leave some of your favorites in the blog comments or Facebook comments.  I would love to hear how everyone's week went!

I also think I'm going to add one Friday Un-Favorite to every post.  
Because, let's just be real!


I enjoy reading, but I don't read often.  I'll go months without picking up a book then I'll get on a reading kick and end up at the library once a week. It typically happens this time every year.  Almost summer {ONE day left for me & B!} & I've been to the library 3 times in the past 2 weeks.  I've tried taking B, but that always ends in a disaster.  So I sneak out for a few minutes when she's hanging with Aunt Reagan or J.

I like my books like my movies...funny & light-hearted.

I cannot handle emotional, scary, intense books.  So that knocks out most of the really great ones. But I'm ok with that!

I've always struggled with abstract thinking.  Like when people will get into deep conversations about the theme, plot, & underlying subtleties I'm just thinking, "wait...did we read the same book?!" {I also have this problem when I am reading my Bible.  I consult the footnotes...A LOT.} I tried to read Life of Pi one time...let's just say that I was not on board with where the book was going.  I was 100% confused! Maybe that's why I like the easy-cheesy reads!

Last summer I read the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella & really enjoyed them!

I've also read a few of her other stand alone novels.  I think they are fast paced & funny reads.  

I also enjoy history novels.  I have read almost all of the Killing series by Bill O'Reilly.  I got about halfway through Killing Patton and had to stop.  It ended up being more about the terribly bloody battles of WW2 and the heartbreak of the Holocaust.  

I'm currently reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham.  Yes, Lorelei Gilmore wrote a book! I'll let you know how it is! 


Last Friday it was finally sunny & {kinda} warm so we broke out the homemade water table! 

Sponges & toys from the Dollar Spot! I have a stash of random toys for her to use for water play this summer. It keeps her busy for a while!

Also, baby Nike shorts are THE cutest thing! 


Brynn's best friend came over to play Wednesday morning.  All I heard was giggles & singing! They are so precious.

  I was getting B's lunch ready in the kitchen & I hear E saying, "Morgan? Morgan?" She just wanted me to sit by her.  And sit by her I did!

They ate lots of cheerios. 

E hummed a sweet lullaby to lambie. 

And, of course, B wore Mickey ears? HA!


  Today was our last day at Sugar-N-Spice Preschool for this 2014-2015 school year.  

Our family has been beyond blessed by this place.  God provided an opportunity for me to be a stay at home momma & we ran with it.  Brynn's teachers have poured love, truth, & patience in to her this year & we are forever grateful.  But it has also been a place where I have found deep friendships.  To work with a group of women who love God & want to share Him with their students is such a haven for my heart. I consider them my friends, not just coworkers.

Shout out to my fellow 4's teachers! I LOVE you!

{It's May 21st & we are wearing long sleeves!}

She has grown so  much this year!


...can say her ABC's {but not L,M,N,O,P}
...can count 3 objects.
...recognizes "8" as OCHO!
...knows every animal sound & her current fave animal is a hippo!
...LOVES to sing.  ALL. THE. TIME. 
...enjoys art with her Mrs. "Nena!"
...loves her Aunt DeAnn days after school playing with the pups & in the water. 
...goes straight to the suckers after school. starting to put together 3 word sentences.
...and I think she napped about 32% of the time at school this year.  (Sorry Mrs. Erin!)

Tonight's program! They sang "Ring Around the Rosie" and did SO good! B even gave her favorite Mrs. "Nena" a hug on her way down. 

Thanks for coming Mills family! 
And these are the only program pics I have. :(

Now to the Un-Favorite

Monday when we ran errands I made the mistake of letting B sit in the back of the basket at Academy. Then again at Hobby  Lobby. Then again at Walmart. Then again at Target. 

This is her, "I dare you to take me outta this basket" pose. 

Yeah, I don't think she ever want to sit back in the front again. It wasn't too bad until we got to Target and I had to actually fill the basket. Then she wanted to play with everything & open the hotdogs {yes, we are fancy & buy our hotdogs at Target} & play drums on the toilet paper & throw out her ice. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that I bought her a cup of Sonic ice to keep her entertained. Well that ended up all over the floor in the paper towel section {ironically enough} & I had to track someone down to wipe it up so no poor-innocent-front-of-the-cart-kid-sitting momma would slide on into the shelves. That's another thing I noticed my kid was THE ONLY ONE I saw sitting in the back of the basket. Those other mommas knew the secret. So here I am passing on the knowledge. Mommas, don't let your kid sit in the back. They will never forget it. Trust me on this one. 

Don't forget to leave me some of your favorites from this week!

See you next Friday! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: Volume 1

One of my goals this summer is to blog more.  It makes my heart happy to look at old posts and remember all of the details I've already forgotten.  I thought joining the Friday Favorites link-up would be an easy-ish way to do this.  And it's perfect for my random track brain {I have this problem where I always assume people are able follow my train of thought. Then I have to back track and explain what in the world I'm talking about.}

Also, if any kind soul would like to show me how to make this actually link-up, that would be great.  I cannot figure it out!


Friday Favorites: Volume 1 here we go! 


I'm a Nerflix junkie. 

No shame here. 

I'm currently watching through Chuck, again. 

I typically flip back and forth between sitcoms and tend to rewatch my favorites. This show has just a smidgen of action and always makes laugh! 

My Netflix favs are: 
Gilmore Girls
Friends, duh. 
The West Wing
Everybody Loves Raymond

Any more suggestions for the summer??


We have been having a MASSIVE amount of rain in Lubbock. 

This was the storm from last night alone. 

I've always said I would thrive living in Seattle. Rain+cloudy= FAVORITE! I could also sit and watch the weather channel/storm coverage all day. It is so interesting to me. Maybe I should have been a meteorologist? 


I posted this,

"Am I the only one who will walk into the movie theater, buy a cherry coke & popcorn, then leave?" 

My hubby surprised me with an afternoon snack. And when I posted I really thought more people did this! My friend, Ellen and I talk about this/wish we did this more than we should.

Lubbock peeps-You have to go to Movies 16 to do this. At 16 you don't have to have a movie ticket to get to the concessions. Yes, getting popcorn sans movie is an artform! Hehe! 


Brynn + Music = Dance = FAVORITE

Yesterday our school was practicing for the end of year program. Everyone was sitting down except for B. And as soon as the music started she was swaying with the beat! 


 I think I can't love her anymore, then it's tomorrow and I do. She's just my FAVORITE! 


Brynn is also an excellent copy cat. 


Her newest phrases on repeat are, 
"Don do dat!"
 {don't do that} 

I was in our room while J was giving her a bath and I heard her yell that at him. Ahh, behold her teenage years! 

"Mmm, ummy stupper!
{mmm, yummy supper} 

She walks around feeding her Elmo's and animals saying, "mmm, ummy stupper!" She also says it when she tries to eat her play dough. Oopsie! 

Anytime she see an "8" she yells, "Ocho!" Thanks you Mrs. Erin for being the best teacher! 

And my FAVORITE is that she is singing all of the time. All of the time! She has the most precious little voice. In the car Monday she said, "Shake Shake!! Taaay Swiff!" We both way heart Taylor Swift

Monday, May 11, 2015

The One With Graduation & Mother's Day

Well it's May.  And I haven't blogged since January.  Oops.

Anyway, we had a big weekend! My sister and her husband graduated from LCU Saturday. We are so proud of them and how hard they have worked.  I'm pretty sure they are both incredibly smarter than I am. 

After recovering from the flu, hand foot & mouth, AND a sinus infection Brynn was thrilled to get out of the house and see people other than Jonathan and me!

Yay Reagan!!

Comparing shoes with DadDad.  Boots vs. Sparkles.

I would love for her to be a #futurechap but not just quite yet! 

These 2 always give us photo GOLD! I love B's glamour shot pose and E's just get me outta here polite smile! 

I love these girls! They are Brynn's "college friends" and she adores them. Congratulations girls!

Then we had a yummy lunch at one of her favorite places...Aunt DeAnn & Uncle Scott's house! And this "BA-looon" made her day.  She wanted to take it into her crib for nap time and did not understand why that wasn't ok.  And she was devastated when it didn't float anymore.  

Sunday Morning

Sleeping on the way to Pops & Grams. 

For mother's day Jonathan got me a ring with B's birthstone and it's my favorite! Brynn gave me a 3.5 hour nap.  Yes! Then she came into our room and watched "songs" on Netflix.