Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: Volume 1

One of my goals this summer is to blog more.  It makes my heart happy to look at old posts and remember all of the details I've already forgotten.  I thought joining the Friday Favorites link-up would be an easy-ish way to do this.  And it's perfect for my random track brain {I have this problem where I always assume people are able follow my train of thought. Then I have to back track and explain what in the world I'm talking about.}

Also, if any kind soul would like to show me how to make this actually link-up, that would be great.  I cannot figure it out!


Friday Favorites: Volume 1 here we go! 


I'm a Nerflix junkie. 

No shame here. 

I'm currently watching through Chuck, again. 

I typically flip back and forth between sitcoms and tend to rewatch my favorites. This show has just a smidgen of action and always makes laugh! 

My Netflix favs are: 
Gilmore Girls
Friends, duh. 
The West Wing
Everybody Loves Raymond

Any more suggestions for the summer??


We have been having a MASSIVE amount of rain in Lubbock. 

This was the storm from last night alone. 

I've always said I would thrive living in Seattle. Rain+cloudy= FAVORITE! I could also sit and watch the weather channel/storm coverage all day. It is so interesting to me. Maybe I should have been a meteorologist? 


I posted this,

"Am I the only one who will walk into the movie theater, buy a cherry coke & popcorn, then leave?" 

My hubby surprised me with an afternoon snack. And when I posted I really thought more people did this! My friend, Ellen and I talk about this/wish we did this more than we should.

Lubbock peeps-You have to go to Movies 16 to do this. At 16 you don't have to have a movie ticket to get to the concessions. Yes, getting popcorn sans movie is an artform! Hehe! 


Brynn + Music = Dance = FAVORITE

Yesterday our school was practicing for the end of year program. Everyone was sitting down except for B. And as soon as the music started she was swaying with the beat! 


 I think I can't love her anymore, then it's tomorrow and I do. She's just my FAVORITE! 


Brynn is also an excellent copy cat. 


Her newest phrases on repeat are, 
"Don do dat!"
 {don't do that} 

I was in our room while J was giving her a bath and I heard her yell that at him. Ahh, behold her teenage years! 

"Mmm, ummy stupper!
{mmm, yummy supper} 

She walks around feeding her Elmo's and animals saying, "mmm, ummy stupper!" She also says it when she tries to eat her play dough. Oopsie! 

Anytime she see an "8" she yells, "Ocho!" Thanks you Mrs. Erin for being the best teacher! 

And my FAVORITE is that she is singing all of the time. All of the time! She has the most precious little voice. In the car Monday she said, "Shake Shake!! Taaay Swiff!" We both way heart Taylor Swift

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  1. You should try 30 Rock! I didn't think I'd like it but I gave it a try from the beginning and it's super funny! I feel like Jonathan would appreciate it too!

    And to link up, just go to one of the blogs and scroll down the bottom of their Friday posts. They should have a link that says 'you're next! click to enter!' or something about adding your link. Then you'll post your URL and fill out some other info and crop your pic so then your link will show up on their post.

    Let me know if that makes sense - i'm the same as you and I'm HORRIBLE about organizing my thoughts into comprehensive sentences!! haha