Monday, June 30, 2014

The One With Brynn's 1st Vacation

2 weeks ago, we took off for a week in Ruidoso with my family. We are incredibly thankful that my parents like to travel...& take us along with them.  I have always loved traveling with my family & am so happy that tradition continues! 

My dad has this knack for finding really great rentals. We cook a lot of our meals & now, especially with  Brynn it's nice to have room to spread out (because do you realize how much stuff you have to take traveling with a baby?  It's a lot.  Like including the kitchen sink.  For real.)

This is the house Dad rented when we went to Florida. This is my favorite of all time. 

The cabin from Breckenridge.  Ok, maybe this is my favorite.

And this is where we stayed in Ruidoso.  Dad did it again! 

Here come about 80 vacation pictures.  This is a long post...good luck!

Sweet sleeping girl in the car.  

  I think we spent most of our time rocking, reading & blowing bubbles on the front porch.  

We ran to Wal-Mart to get groceries for the week & Brynn HAD to have this Mickey Mouse.  She's slightly obsessed with Mickey. 

 Our 1st full day we got ready & walked around downtown. You'll soon notice that Brynn did LOTS of relaxing in her stroller.  She's such an easy, laid back baby.  It makes it so easy to travel with her (you know, as long as she has her food.)

She wore her cuuuute Lelli Kelly's from Mrs. Leslie & Leighton.  
ANNOUNCMENT:  We gladly accept hand-me-downs. I just thought I would let you know.  :) 

After walking around all morning we came back for naps & play time. And snacks.  Always snacks on vacation. 

Love these 2 so so so much. 

Brynn's Aunt Kelsie gave her this portable DVD player.  THANK YOU! She loved being able to "grab" Mickey. 

Day 2:
We ate brunch at the super yummy Cornerstone Bakery. Also, taking your incredibly-allergic-to-eggs-baby to a breakfast restaurant is stressful.  Especially when the waitress picks her up & kisses all over her.  I might have had a small heart attack. And used an excessive amount of wipes. 

We drove up to Ski Apache.  And Dad tried to collect some rocks.  He does that on trips.  :)

Then we drove to Inn of the Mountain Gods.  When I said I wanted to see it, I wasn't aware that it was on an Indian Reservation.  If you know me, you will get why that's a big deal. 

Turns out...I survived.  Could have gone without the warrior music though...

 Dad gave me some dollars & we headed to the casino.  When I doubled my money I HAD to cash out! Then I spent it again. And dad left $2 poorer.  

Day 3

We drove up to Cloudcroft.  The men golfed while the women ate lunch & browsed the shops. 

Clearly she's impressed. 

Serious bed head. 


Brynn's favorite things on the trip were...
1-Bubble time! 

2-Letting Aunt Reagan hold her in front of the fan. 

We played Phase 10 & I discovered that this is how Jonathan shuffles.  Ha! 

One night while we were playing games, I looked up and saw this deer.  Probably 20 feet from where I was sitting. Scared me to death! You're welcome, Reagan for posting this.  ;)

 We spent the last 2 days of the trip resting & hanging around the cabin. 

Brynn had a very relaxing vacation.  In case you couldn't tell.  

Brynn has 3 WONDERFUL Aunts.  Each one brings something different & special to her life.  Aunt Reagan likes to give Brynn random things to play with.  ;) 

During the trip Reagan would give her something unusual & I would just take pictures.  So here are a few of the things Aunt Reagan let Brynn play with that normally Momma would have taken away.  Hehe!

A liter of Dr. Pepper.  She even carried it out onto the swing and held it for about 20 minuets.  

 I was really surprised she left these on.  Jonathan hooked up his phone & B jammed to "God's Great Dance Floor."

Reagan instantly regretted that one. 

That would be Reagan's shoe.  I'm almost positive she put it in her mouth.  But, hey, it's vacation! 

We had such a great time being with our family.  Thanks Pops & Grams for letting us tag along!

Yay Vacation!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The One With The Allergy Follow-Up

Today we had our follow-up appointment with Dr. Garcia.
We.  Love.  Her. 

Seriously, she is hands down, the best doctor I've EVER been too.  Her staff is so kind & friendly. It's always a pleasure to see them (you know apart from when B has to get pricked.)

Today was just a follow-up.  We will re-test in March to see if she has grown out of anything.  

Here is my soap-box for the day...
...if your child has bad eczema (like to where they scratch and make themselves bleed) GO TO AN ALLERGIST.  

I have learned a lot about eczema & most cases are due to a food allergy. All the creams in the world aren't going to solve a thing.  You need to cure their little tummy.  If your pedi won't refer you, MAKE them.  Or call & set up the appointment yourself.  

Words can't describe how our world has changed since Brynn's allergies (egg, peanut, dog, dust) were diagnosed.  So here are some pictures to show the difference. 

Looking back I feel really heartsick for not pushing allergy testing earlier.  

December 2013
Red & flushed cheeks

February 2014
 Scaly, itchy & red skin.  Scratches on her forehead from the clawing her face. 

May 2014
 About 2 weeks before seeing Dr. Garcia.
I don't have any pictures of her wrists or legs while they were bad.  But if you saw her, you can vouch for how bad it was!

After allergy testing. Baby soft, smooth & clear!

May 2014

June 2014
Just look at that scratch free face!


So happy to see clear, smooth & itch free skin.  And it's not just her face.  Her wrists, ankles, arms & legs have cleared up! 

Here's how we did it: 

-We completely cut peanut butter from our home (sad days for this Momma who loves to eat peanut butter & syrup) 
-I wash my hands a RIDICULOUS amount of times during the day (that's also why you will find about 4 bottles of lotion in random places around my house)
-We brush our teeth after eating anything with eggs
-We are obsessive about our family washing their hands before they touch her
-I use applesauce instead of eggs when I bake (most of the time it works--lets just not discuss that time the brownies were bubbling & sizzling.  Yikes!)
-We still wash her clothes separately & in organic baby detergent
-She only eats food that I've made or can read the label (so no random pieces of food at restaurants)

She will start going back to SNS for 2 days a week in September. Where I will also be & I KNOW she will be fine.  But do you have any tips for me? Anything I can do to make things easier on her teacher? Any ideas on what I should do for allergy allerts (stickers, labels, tags?)

Thanks for reading & Go away eczema!