Thursday, June 12, 2014

The One With Brynn's 9 Month Pictures

A few weekends ago we had family/Brynn's 9 month pictures taken by our friend Monica Higgins from Shine A Little.  Monica always manages to get some great shots of Brynn (especially since B gives her best effort to only give her serious faces!) 

Brynn's adorable lace bubble is from Shop Sugar Bit.  I won a $25 gift card & got this beauty.  (Of course, now that I actually won a give-away, I think I can win them all...)

 Brynn was just about done for the night when we put her on this yellow chair (which I requested & of course she wouldn't smile sitting on it.) She was fussing and just being solemn.  Then we moved spots & put her in this girl  LOVED it. She was all giggles & smiles. 

Just for are a few pics from our session in November.  I think she was almost 4 months. She was pretty much bald, had unrecognizably smaller cheeks, but still as cute as ever! 

And, apparently had an affinity for sticking out her tongue...

Thanks Monica for the wonderful pictures.  They will be treasured for always. 

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