Friday, June 13, 2014

The One for Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! 

To my Daddy: 
I could never tell you how glad I am that you're my dad.  
Here are some reasons why I love you!

1. You lead by example.
2. You taught me about Jesus.
3. You taught me the value of hard-work.
4. You always made every effort to be at ALL of my basketball games, awards assemblies, band concerts, etc...
5. For playing basketball in the front yard with Reagan & me. 
6. For driving us to camp, to church, to youth rallies. 
7. For listening to me when we disagreed & holding me accountable when I was wrong. 
8. For taking us on family vacations that made so many family memories. 

9. For being Brynn's Pops & being a consistent, active, loving granddad.  

10. For teaching me the importance of sarcasm, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, & classic rock. 

I love you & I love being you're daughter!

To Brynn's Daddy:

Here are some reasons why Brynn loves you:

1. You let me make messes when Momma isn't looking.

2. For coming home everyday at lunch & making me laugh.
3. You read me stories.

4. You are teaching me about Jesus.
5. For loving Momma.
6. For teaching me all about football.

7. For taking me outside & letting me water the plants.
8. For working so hard & letting Momma stay home to take care of me.
9. For singing me silly songs.
10. For just being my Daddy. 

God knew I needed both of these patient, kind, God-fearing men in my life.  I am thankful for them everyday. 
Happy Father's Day! 

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