Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The One With The Allergy Follow-Up

Today we had our follow-up appointment with Dr. Garcia.
We.  Love.  Her. 

Seriously, she is hands down, the best doctor I've EVER been too.  Her staff is so kind & friendly. It's always a pleasure to see them (you know apart from when B has to get pricked.)

Today was just a follow-up.  We will re-test in March to see if she has grown out of anything.  

Here is my soap-box for the day...
...if your child has bad eczema (like to where they scratch and make themselves bleed) GO TO AN ALLERGIST.  

I have learned a lot about eczema & most cases are due to a food allergy. All the creams in the world aren't going to solve a thing.  You need to cure their little tummy.  If your pedi won't refer you, MAKE them.  Or call & set up the appointment yourself.  

Words can't describe how our world has changed since Brynn's allergies (egg, peanut, dog, dust) were diagnosed.  So here are some pictures to show the difference. 

Looking back I feel really heartsick for not pushing allergy testing earlier.  

December 2013
Red & flushed cheeks

February 2014
 Scaly, itchy & red skin.  Scratches on her forehead from the clawing her face. 

May 2014
 About 2 weeks before seeing Dr. Garcia.
I don't have any pictures of her wrists or legs while they were bad.  But if you saw her, you can vouch for how bad it was!

After allergy testing. Baby soft, smooth & clear!

May 2014

June 2014
Just look at that scratch free face!


So happy to see clear, smooth & itch free skin.  And it's not just her face.  Her wrists, ankles, arms & legs have cleared up! 

Here's how we did it: 

-We completely cut peanut butter from our home (sad days for this Momma who loves to eat peanut butter & syrup) 
-I wash my hands a RIDICULOUS amount of times during the day (that's also why you will find about 4 bottles of lotion in random places around my house)
-We brush our teeth after eating anything with eggs
-We are obsessive about our family washing their hands before they touch her
-I use applesauce instead of eggs when I bake (most of the time it works--lets just not discuss that time the brownies were bubbling & sizzling.  Yikes!)
-We still wash her clothes separately & in organic baby detergent
-She only eats food that I've made or can read the label (so no random pieces of food at restaurants)

She will start going back to SNS for 2 days a week in September. Where I will also be & I KNOW she will be fine.  But do you have any tips for me? Anything I can do to make things easier on her teacher? Any ideas on what I should do for allergy allerts (stickers, labels, tags?)

Thanks for reading & Go away eczema!

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