Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: The One With My Classroom, KEEP, and Some "Brynn Says"

Welcome Friday.  I love you.

It has been one crazy week at the Garner house; prepping for school, joining KEEP-Collective, and just day to day life has got me ready for a looooong nap!


Last night we had Open House at SNS and it was SO great!! I have 12 of the cutest, sweetest, silliest, smartest new Gigantic Giraffes and I cannot wait for this year! If you chose a number when I posted this... is a great time to start praying for you kiddie! We start school on Tuesday. 

I've spent the last few weeks of nap time like this...

...and group texting my 4s teacher friends.  I don't know how we get anything done! I sent them this pic and got the response of, "wait...where are you standing!?" Yea, I stood on the couch for this picture. #AnythingForTheBlog 

Here is a sneak peak into my classroom. 

My incredibly talented Aunt DeAnn cut this giraffe out of foam for me and I painted him.  I plan on changing the background and props with the seasons.  Hims cute! ;)

A majority of my classroom decorations were made/bought my 2nd year of teaching in public school, they've definitely been worth the money!

And notice the Sonic cup. You can find a large sweet tea in that spot pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday. 

On the polka dot papers are the scripture for the month, sight word, and letter of the week. 

While we were waiting for Open House to start Brynn wanted to play with the pointers.  She so kindly shared them with Evan and Beth.  And according to my husband, she threw a gigantic fit when he tried to take it away.  #oopsie

SNS is one of my FAVORITE places.  It has blessed my family in more ways than I can say.  My co-workers, kids, and the church staff make this such an encouraging and happy place to be! I had 6 of my old kids come visit me tonight and it made my heart so full!! 


Sunday night we had an Ice Cream party at church to kick off back to school and the start of One Groups.  Whoever decorated with balloons is now Brynn's FAVORITE! 

Brynn and her friend, Oliver. 

She had to have an orange "bah-loon!"

We LOVE our church.  We finally got involved in small groups last year and are so glad we did.  Our group is my FAVORITE and if you need one...join us!!


Monday we visited J at his office. 

Brynn went into "MINE!" mode.  She claimed the chair, water, computer, and a stress ball.  

We love you Daddy! 

Then we met Pops and Aunt Reagan at Red Robin for lunch. 

 Red Robin is a new FAVORITE. If you or your kids have food allergies...this is the place to go! They were so careful and considerate of Brynn.  We will be here often! Thanks to my friend Amy for the recommendation! #AllergyMomsUnite 

B woke up from her nap with the BEST hair. 



Tuesday we opened this ice cream play set from her friend, Elizabeth.  I've been spreading out opening up her birthday presents.  

It has a little bottle of raspberry sauce and chocolate sauce.  She calls the chocolate sauce, "Bar-B-Que Sauce." I mean...FAVORITE!


She was staring at the sun on the way home from church Wednesday.  Jonathan told her not to look right at it so she covered her eyes.


We turned B's car seat last week and it's her FAVORITE! She comments on everything and it's so interesting to see what she notices.  She LOVES windmills and can spot them from miles away. She often says, "Whats's that noise!?" when a truck or motorcycle goes by. We were at a stop sign and there were some really tall weeds next to it and she said, "mow the grass!" Ha! How does she even know that?


On Tuesday, I posted this...

I am still praying that I'm not in over my head with this! I know how annoying it can be to have your Facebook spammed with direct sales.  I promise I won't do that! 

I NEVER thought I would be doing something like this.  But I truly love the product, and the doors it could open for our family couldn't be ignored. I've felt God moving in me to step outside of my comfort zone and this was a huge step! 

If you'd like to shop, host an online party, or just browse you can through this link.  

I should get my kit in next week and am SOOOO excited! If you are local and want to see the product in person, we can make that happen!

Here are some of my FAVORITE KEEP looks right now!

Necklace Keepers! 
Rose gold. For sure! 


Bold stripes? FAVORITE! 


And I'll leave you with this...

Gilmore Girls. FAVORITE. 

Happy Friday my friends! 

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: The One with Mary Hoppins, Jewelry, The Phoebe Run and Reese Witherspoon

It's been 3 weeks since I've done a real Friday Favorites post.  I'll warn you...random thoughts and happenings ahead!


As I'm typing this I'm having a FAVORITE time over on Facebook with my KEEP Collective Party.  It's been so fun to chat and look at all the pretties with my friends. Here are some of the keepers and keys we've seen put together...


 party is still open (until September 3rd) if you see something you like, want to browse, or have a question.  Like I said in my last post, I DESPISE Facebook parties, but I've had such a blast working with Ansley and doing this party.  I know it sounds lame, but it's SO out of my comfort zone to do something like this.  But it has been so rewarding to share something I really am drawn to and to spend a whole evening with new & old friends! Thank you to everyone who participated. You made my night!

Check it out here

Ok, so let the random begin...


Lately Little Miss has been on a Mary Poppins kick.  She brings me the DVD case EVERY day and says, "watch Mary Hoppins!?" and we do.  EVERY day.  It's my FAVORITE Disney movie!  I first would watch it when I would visit my Meme.  I would take the VHS into the back office and watch it on the small TV on the desk.  And she would let me watch it as much as I wanted, while eating all the Popsicle I wanted! Love you Mems! 
Seeing it be Brynn's FAVORITE makes me sooooo happy! 

This is her in a trance watching "Jolly Holiday"

We typically watch it after nap time (and before nap time, and during lunch...#becausesummer #becauselazy) and she likes to hold my hand while we watch.  FAVORITE. of all time. 

(Ignore the paint on my was crafting day...)

A while back I bought the novel and have never read it.  So I pulled it out last week to start and remembered that my mom had this movie...

I stayed up late watching it Monday night.  Have you seen it? Thoughts? I'm telling you guys, I cannot watch ANYTHING even remotely emotionally sad.  Well, this one left me feeling blue the entire next day.  I'll never look at the movie the same. #Boo

If you see me in the next few days, chances are I'll be humming a Mary Poppins tune or telling you, "Spit Spot!"


We had a cold front come through this week and the weather has been so fallish, FAVORITE, and we've been taking advantage of it and going to the park in our neighborhood. 

This is one of my FAVORITE pics because she is running like Phoebe on Friends, 

hahahahah!!! I die. 

She runs to the ducks screaming, "quack quack!!" It's a miracle they don't swim away in fear. 

My all time FAVORITES.

Night 2 at the park (which actually ended up being really hot so we left early.)  There is also a small playground perfect for toddlers.  I see us spending many nights there this fall. 


Another FAVORITE, my monthly Southern Living! I get them for free from Jonathan's airline rewards, extra FAVORITE! With the weather being so cloudy and cool and then seeing this cover I wanted to bust out my "Country Morning" Circle E candle and celebrate fall! But, I'll wait.  

How can Reese's outfit not be a FAVORITE? I mean, I'm sure it cost more than our monthly mortgage payment and I have nowhere to wear it too, but I wouldn't say no to it being in my closet. 

Then, I opened to read her interview, 

{Side Track Fun Fact: Jenna Bush Hager did the interview with Reese Witherspoon. And Jenna's 2nd daughter shares a birthday with Brynn.  I share a birthday with First Lady Laura Bush.  We are practically related.  If I can't be a royal, I'll take being kin to the Bush family! ;) FAVORITES. For sure.}

and in the interview I made a horrible discovery...

...I'm not actually a true and proper Southern Woman. 

Sorry Reese.  This Southern girl is ALL about the sweat pants. #becauselazy #because2yearold #MaybeTheyNeedMonogramed 

{Also, let it be known that I officially have a "monogram lady" and that makes me feel pretty Southern.  Now, excuse me while I go drink some sweet tea in my sweat pants.}

Then I turned to the back and...swoon city. Isn't that table gorgeous?
FAVORITE.  Orange and green? Sign me up.  

And excuse me while I want to eat all the things. I rarely try new recipes, but I WILL try these (maybe if I say it 3 times it will come true?) with my new egg substitute mix. #Don'tBeJealous 

Speaking of food...


We've been trying to broaden our spectrum of allergy approved restaurants for Brynn.  And we have discovered that she can have pizza from both Dion's and Dominos. Score!!! They are building a new Dion's on our side of town soon and for $2 a slice, it might become our new FAVORITE!


Potty Training Update
{Yeah, edge of your seat kinda stuff today!}

Well, it lasted a total of 20 minutes.  I could tell in that 20 minutes, from the "NO POTTY!" Brynn was yelling at me to the look of terror on her face when I sat her up there that she is not ready yet.  And honestly, I'm not ready either.  So we will try again in a few months. 


Last random FAVORITE of the week. I saw this on Instagram earlier this week & I am working really hard at this.  I tell myself this about 14 times before lunch.   

This account I follow belongs to an "allergy mom" so she refers to that fear in the comments, but I think it applies to more than us allergy moms.  

About 3 years ago, I realized how much better life is when you search for the good of God in everything.  Most days I am awful at it, but I try really hard to be thankful in all things {whew...not easy!} and this post re-sparked that desire in my heart. Maybe it will encourage you this Friday? 

Thanks for reading! Want to play along? Link up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am SO excited for tonight because I get to spend it with some of my best friends! We have a wild night of dinner and lesson plans ahead of's hoping we stay on track and finish before midnight! #LoveMyJob #LoveMyTeam #SomeoneSetAnAlarm #ExtraLargeQuesoPlease

All my teacher friends, I know you rocked your Meet the Teachers last night! Now go home early today and sleep in tomorrow morning.  I know your exhausted!