Sunday, August 2, 2015

The One With The Lake Day

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a restful & peaceful weekend.  

On Saturday we headed out the White River for a little family fun. 

We drove down to the lake in the golf cart and Brynn was a major fan!

She so wanted to drive!

We went up to the Marina for lunch. 

And we played on the playground until our food came. 

Brynn and her new friend Jeremy.  
During lunch, she laughed at almost everything he said but wouldn't look at him.  Ha!

After lunch we sunscreened up and hit the water! It was a PERFECT day for the lake.  It was overcast all morning, in the 80s and the water was warm.  That's all a great combo for this fair-skinned-water-shy-red-head.  

I am so proud of this girl! She is so brave.  She went  straight into the water and never wanted to leave! We had to drag her into the boat for a ride and she screamed a majority of the time because she wanted back into the water (and also because her Daddy was riding the tube and not her.)

Reagan brought a bunch of her friends and it made the day that much better.  

She preferred to swim with Reagan.  

These guys decided to get a little daring.  Poor Leah squished in the middle. 

Girl loves her Uncle John!

Then Brynn found her new favorite activity, jumping off the tube. She got progressively braver and started jumping to where no one was standing she kept us on our toes!

Finally on the boat!

Taking a snack break at the house. 

Back to the water!

And I'm pretty sure she was telling Grams, "NO!" she wanted to float by herself.  

Jordan so kindly shared her water bottle. 

We had such a wonderful day! It's so nice to unplug and get away for the day.  We need to take advantage of the lake more often.  Anyone want to go labor day weekend!?

Happy Monday!

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