Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The One With The Photo Session {Fall 2015}

This week has been jam packed with preparing for school & little ones 2nd birthday! And it has been great! So this week for Friday Favorites I'm going to share our WONDERFUL photo session from last week.  Here are some things you should know...

1. This photo session was a gift to mom for Mother's Day. 

2.  Our photographer extraordinaire is Monica Higgins.  Her business is Shine a Little and you can find that here.  We have used her for just about every milestone/family shoot and couldn't be happier! 

3.  Brynn put on her serious face for this shoot.  It was hot, so I was prepared for cranky {enter snacks} but I was not prepared for stoic girl! Seriously, FINALLY towards the end of the session she smiled.  And only because all six of us sang and did the motions to, "If You're Happy And You Know It." But, as always, Monica got some excellent shots!

4.  As we were leaving another family pulled up to use our location for pictures and Brynn got extremely excited because she thought it was her best friend, Elizabeth! She was yelling, "Hi a-beths!!" 

5.  At one point B got really mad that Reagan was smiling in her pictures.  She kept yelling, "Reagan, STOP IT! REAGAN, NO!!" 



Her, "Happy And You Know It" dance!

All the heart eyes for this one!

Yelling at Pops for sitting in her chair.  Oi, the attitude!

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