Saturday, August 15, 2015

The One With The Alphabet Party {2015}

Last Saturday we celebrated Brynn's 2nd Birthday with an Alphabet Party!
She loooooves singing her ABC's and she can do it incredibly well for a 2 year old.  She points out the letters on store signs, especially at Hobby Lobby. So I thought it would be fun & a little different to have an alphabet theme.  

I searched high and low for a premade invite on ETSY and all of the alphabet invites were too school themed.  So I went back to the shop that made Brynn's first invite, Abby Reese Design.   She worked so well with me to create what was in my mind.  I love how it turned out! Brynn would look at it on the fridge and say, "My ABC party!!"


I started gathering, making, shopping, listing (that's my new favorite word by the way) about a month ago.  I love party planning for my little one!

We had the party at my parents house and I feel like I took half of our house over there.  Thanks mom and dad for letting us use your home! 

Brynn also loooooves balloons so that was my main color source.  I was NOT happy with how they turned out.  I bought a helium tank & the balloons from Hobby Lobby and they did NOT hold.  We aired them up at 3 and by 6 they were floating low and shrinking.  Boo. 

I ordered a bunch of Instagram prints in black and white and hung them on some twine.  I had these colorful clips in my school stash.  I love how it turned out. 

{Also, my phone camera seems to be dying.  Everything is so blurry and unfocused.  Upgrade come soon!}

We served hotdogs, chips & fruit.  

I gathered all of my alphabet magnets from school, spray painted them the colors I wanted, borrowed metal bins and serving pieces from my Aunt DeAnn and it turned out so cute!

I saw this idea on Pinterest...This mom buys a book for every party based on the theme.  Then all the guests sign & it's a perfect keepsake! I also taped an extra invite onto the inside cover.

I took over Brynn's little table and it was perfect for her and Elizabeth. 

The banner and little photo frames are also from Abby Reese Design.

I bought plain cardboard boxes on Amazon and painted them to look like blocks.
  It took FOR. EH. VER. 
But I love how they turned out!! And now, I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. Suggestions? Anyone need some blocks??

We got our matching shirts from CSPocketTees on ETSY and they are my faaaaavorite!!! 

I made the cupcakes and cookies. 
The cookies were cut into ABCs and dipped in icing, I don't think I got a pic of them though.

B's egg allergy makes desserts tricky.  I found a local place that could make egg-free $40 a thanks! I'll do a post next week with these egg-free recipes.  

Pointing out all the balloons. 

Snacking on popcorn with Grams. 
{After producing some major screams and tears because some of the balloons weren't exactly where she wanted her hand of course.}

The grands and Kelsie.  Kelsie came all the way from Oklahoma for B's party.  We love you Aunt Kels!

Sneaking more popcorn. 

Drink station. 

I found this giant ball that matched her party colors.  I had to buy it!

Then, these guys matched.  Then took their traditional, ceremonial weirdo picture.  Best Buds. :)

Stickers for B & E. 

Brynn was so particular about the balloons.  She got to upset with the placement of some of them and wanted to hold them instead.  She was very protective of them as well.  But, as soon as her best friend showed up she wanted to share them with her! #B&E

How does she know how to blow out the candles?

This face makes me lol! She is seriously wanting that cupcake!

She was interested in opening presents for about 5 minutes.  So, if you got her a gift and she seemed like she didn't love it.  That was a trick.  She's been playing with her new gifts non-stop this week!

Aunt Jillian hit the nail on the head with this one! Girl hearts her some Toy Story! She's been carting this Jesse doll around since she got it! She tells her goodnight and to, "Come on, Jesse!" She also sings "If Your Happy and You Know It} with her and makes Jesses hands clap. So adorable. 

Her gift from us was a bitty baby and a rocking cradle.  

Her Sherri got her a teapot set, which is extra special in several ways, but it plays music.  One of the songs is Mary Poppins "Spoonful of Sugar." She gets so excited when it plays and says, "Mary Hoppins!" 

Admiring all of her super fun new toys! 

I had several outside things that I thought would be fun for the girls.  But since it was baking hot, we only lasted a few minutes.  

I put rice, shovels, and foam ABC's in the sensory bucket for them to dig around. 

And bought some small bubble wants and bubbles.  

A bunch of the rice ended up in the bubbles and vice-versa.  In hindsight...should have kept those activities seperate!

Hugging Aunt DeAnn...and her balloons. 

Prepare yourself.

Cuteness overload coming.


All the heart eyes for these girls!

And this CHEESE face!

The sign of a great birthday party. Crazy hair!

I think I might be fully recovered from all the partying.  I was totally questioning why I go through all of this trouble & extra work.  Until Tuesday afternoon.  Brynn woke up from her nap and while we were chatting before I got her up we had this conversation...

B: "ABC party?"
Me: Yes, you had an ABC party!
B: Balloons?
Me: Did you love your balloons and party?
B: UH HUH!! (followed by the worlds largest huge and toothiest grin!)

Done.  Worth it.  Will go big again next year. 


Happy Birthday, precious one! I hope you had a wonderful time.  
I love you for always, Momma. 

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  1. Awesome party theme! I absolutely love the box letter blocks you made!