Sunday, August 16, 2015

The One With My New Keepsake

A few weeks ago one of my most stylish friends {seriously, I want your wardrobe Kensey!} introduced me to KEEP Collective.  They are a brand under Stella&Dot and they make some incredibly fabulous jewelry! 

I'll be honest, I get so irritated with all the Facebook parties I get invited to, and am the FIRST one to dis invite myself.  But... KEEP Collective caught my eye!  It's basically a build your own bracelet or necklace type shop.  I spent several hours browsing their site and everything they have is so cute! 

Our home is covered in scripture, lyrics, and quotes so the idea of personalizing a bracelet with something important to me...umm YES I'll buy that!! 

So, I say all that to say, I will be hosting a KEEP Collective party on Facebook THIS Thursday night. Yeah, I know, I'm one of the crazies now...please, don't hate me! If I invite you and you immediately dis invite yourself, I won't be hurt, promise! But, I think this is a fun and quality product that is unique to you! If you don't get an invite and would like to browse their site, let me know and I can add you.  

I was THRILLED when my order came in...and it only took a few days to receive!

And look how cute the packaging is!

These are the "Keys" {charms} I ordered.  The one on the left says "mrs", a 13 and an August birthstone.  13 is my favorite number.  We were married on the 13th and Brynn was born on the 13th.  Hence the mrs and birthstone. 

There are toooons of different "Keys" {charms} to choose from so you can make something that is special to you. {letters, numbers, color bars, birthstones, sports {great for sports moms!}, hobbies, lockets, watches...}

Then you choose a "Keeper" {bracelet or necklace.} There are so many options for a keeper as well! {different colors, metals, leather, silicone, reversible} I chose a basic reversible brown & black. Then you slide your Keys on, and FAVORITE!!!! 

Same bracelet, but on the black side. 

Bottom bracelet is from and I love these 2 special pieces together. 

Also, how in the world do you take pictures of yourself while wearing a bracelet.  You should see all of the outtakes.  Actually, not you shouldn't.  It's a little embarrassing. 

This bracelet is going to be a daily staple for me now.  So worth every cent!

I would love your feed back! Once you accept the party invite on Facebook you can browse their products.  Let me know what you find as your favorites!  

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