Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The One With the Dinosaur Party

After Brynn's recital we headed to Grams & Pops house to celebrate our ONE year old!!

Yay for finally being able to buy Chick-fil-a nugget trays!

I found all these cute dinosaur decorations on Oriental Trading! I loved them!

My friend, Katy, brought these cookies to school for her sons birthday. So naturally I stole her idea! Sugar cookies sandwiched between buttercream icing & rolled in sprinkles.  Nothing bad about that!

It's not a party without Elizabeth!

Jack still won't eat solid food so he didn't eat a bite of his cake...

...but this girl had no problems finishing it!

Addy-Cakes & Jack Jack!

The dad's had a great time with the magic tracks!

I think Jack had a pretty great 1st birthday!

Oh, this sweet boy has my heart!

Up tomorrow...
...our weekend in OKC at Aunt Jillian & Uncle Nathan's wedding!

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