Monday, May 12, 2014

What Day is Today--Today is Mothers Day

If anyone can guess which show I'm quoting in my title I will seriously buy you a sonic drink! 

Happy Mother's Day!! 

To my Momma: I'm realizing more & more everyday just how much you have  & continue to do for me and Reagan. Thank you for raising us with patience, unconditional love, and Jesus. I love you! 

To my friends who are new moms: I love this journey we are on together! I didn't realize the support & encouragement that I would get through you all on this mommy adventure. I have built new relationships & strengthened old ones. You are all wonderful mommas who are doing the MOST important job you will ever do. I am thankful to know you! 

So let's flash back real quickly-Mother's Day last year I was 6 months pregnant  & so ready to meet our girl!

This year could not have have been better (well if I'm being honest, it could have been better if this irritating cold/allergies/can't hear or breathe situation would clear up!) 

I woke up to my beautiful baby girl talking to herself and slamming her legs onto her crib mattress (her legs are ALWAYS going-I hope she doesn't have RLS like her Momma & Grams.) 

We got ready for church & tried to take some pics. Brynn did not care to smile or look at the camera. And shout-out to my awesome hubby for getting me a TV for our room for Mother's Day! 

She took the sweetest nap at church with her Grams. 

 And wrapped her hand around her necklace. :)

After church we went to my Aunt DeAnns for lunch. Brynn loves her Aunt DeAnn & Uncle Scott! I tried to get another Momma/Daughter pic and this was the best she gave me! At this point she was ready for some lunch and another nap. 

My cousin, Mackenzie, gave me the BEST Mother's Day card. Hehe!! I do love some royal family! 

Brynn's Great-Grand MeMe was in town and got to "hold" her. AKA try to hold her while she bounced and jumped like a crazy person. 

Some of the grands. We sure missed all the others! Woulda been a great day for some games & puzzles!  

Birthday candles! Sorry Carter. You missed an epic pyro moment today! And we missed you!

Then we came home to nap (even me--yay!) & went to my parents for dinner with my Mema & DadDad. 

Aunt Reagan was being extra silly! 

All of a sudden this sweet one can hold her own bottle. Somedays I'm so proud...Somedays it makes me cry. She's getting so big & learning new things everyday. Like this creepy eye roll that really weirds me out! 

Baby girl,
I love you so deeply. You fascinate me everyday. You are so smart & beautiful. Every time I look at you I am reminded of Gods goodness & love. You make your Daddy & me so proud. I am thrilled that I get to be Brynn's Momma. 
I love you for always. 

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