Sunday, November 1, 2015

The One with 11 Weeks & Halloween

This afternoon I had a small moment of energy & relief from the "all-day sickness" so I decided to blog our Halloween and a little baby update. 

How far along:  11 weeks (tomorrow)

Size of babe: Accoring to ... a fig. 

Husband: LIFESAVER.  Between the negative amounts of energy, a bout with the stomach bug, and the constant nausea Jonathan has been doing double the work around the house and I'm so thankful for that. 

Maternity ClothesUmmm, yes.  Already into maternity jeans and I'm not even sorry about it. 

Loving: Early bedtime! I've been falling asleep at like 8:45 every night. Also loving time change, the cooler weather and all the holidays approaching! 

LoathingEating. Standing. Sitting. Cooking. Basically anything that doesn't involve me being able to lie down. 

Movement: I haven't felt little one yet, but at our last ultrasound it was all over the place! It is so crazy to me that a person is growing in there and I can't even feel it...creepy & awesome. 

Symptoms: Fatigue.  Wow, so much fatigue.  My poor home has never been such a disaster & I can't remember the last time I cooked something other than a quesadilla (and even that is taxing.) 

This is typically what I look like. 

Nausea (and all that comes with it.)  If I eat a good breakfast I can make it through the mornings ok (school days mostly.) I start to go downhill around 3:30 and then evenings/nights are the worst.  

Best Part of the Week: Wednesday we had our first appointment with my doctor and got to see little one jump and move all over the place! Hearing that everything looked great and baby was measuring on schedule was perfect! 

Worst Part of the Week: I can't think of a "worst" except that I do not feel like myself.  So ready for this sickness to be over!

Missing Most: Productivity. I so want to clean/cook. I just can't makes self so it!

Can't wait for: The sickness to be GONE.  Oh wait, have I said that already? Honestly, I think I should mention that if I didn't feel sick I would probably be paranoid that something was wrong.  So I guess this is the better of the two. 

Gender: I feel like it's a girl.  But only because this pregnancy has been almost equal to what it was with Brynn.  I'm thinking we should know gender right before Christmas!

Now a little Halloween!

Wednesday night we went to Monterey's (where our Tuesday/Thursday school is) Family Night and it was so fun! 

Aunt DeAnn did another incredible decoration job!

Friday  night we went to a Halloween party at some friends house and she chose to be a ballerina! 

Jonathan stayed in character (Tony Romo.)

Saturday was Trunk or Treat at our church.  It was so cute to watch Brynn carrying around her little pumpkin and taking candy from people. Her momma and daddy really appreciate her candy loot!

Then she helped Grams and Pops pass out candy!

It was a great and festive week.  And we are gearing up for another busy week.  So I think I'll go nap! Have a great week!

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