Friday, October 31, 2014

The One With Brynns Second Halloween

Brynn's second Halloween is in the books & it was a great one!! I had originally planned on dressing her as a ghost & teaching her to say, "BOO!" But with affinity for Minnie Mouse I just couldn't pass it up!

Because Timehop. 

On Thursday she dressed up for the Costume Parade at school.  I got to sneak away for a minute and watch. Brynn pretty much held on to Mrs. Stephanie for dear life, held up her hand in a real awkward wave, had the most serious expression, & was still just ADORABLE.

Brynn's new favorite activity is playing with magnets.  I have had the hardest time finding some that don't have "swallow-able" pieces.  But, I think my awesome teacher friends have pointed me in the direction of some good ones. 


We got ready & waited for cousin Mackenzie and Aunt DeAnn to come visit! We have missed that Mack since she's moved to CO. 

My DadDad gave Brynn this State Farm teddy bear.  She has recently started to drag it around all over the house.  I know these pics are blurry, but I think she looks so grown up!

Mackenzie came bearing the most stylish & ADORABLE outfits.  I'm sure you will see one on her this Sunday (and you will just DIE.)

Ready for Trunk or Treat at church!

Look at those TEETH! I rarely get a look into her mouth.  Today I noticed that she has some molars coming in.  (No wonder she's been waking up & not sleeping well at night.)

I went all out on our trunk decorations.  

It's not Halloween without Frankie the Frankenstein! 

I still have the helium tank I used for Brynn's party.  I've been trying to use it up but that sucker has lasted FOR.EVER. (Please read in your best Sandlot voice.) 
So if you need a helium tank, I got ya!

B & her Pops. 

Some kind soul dressed as Olaf.  Brynn has never seen Frozen, but by the way she responded to this guy I'm afraid he might replace Minnie! 

Mom took her walking around.  I took this picture right as she fell.  Oops! #DontEatTheStreet

Brynn & Elizabeth got to spend another Halloween together.  Last year Elizabeth was Minnie Mouse & Brynn was a pumpkin.  This year they just switched! Ellen, we should dress them as a duo next year!

So...maybe she comes by her grump face honestly.  

I let her have a sucker & she went to town! We took it out of her mouth when it was almost gone & the screaming started. 

Speaking of...she has picked up this high-pitched-bust-your-ear-drum-scream since school started.  That is my BIGGEST pet peeve...when kids scream like that.  We are trying so hard to teach her not to, but nothing is working.  She'll eventually learn...right?? 

We are beyond thankful to be a part of South Plains.  We have met & built some very special friendships.  I pray that they continue to grow. 

Happy Halloween!!

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