Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites: The One With The Random Christmas Fun

Yay Friday!!! 

I was going through my phone deleting pictures to make room for more Christmas fun, and figured I should just post a ton of random photos from the last few weeks.  

*Update from last post*
We don't know the gender of Little G #2 quite yet.  When we went in last week my doctor was out with the flu.  I was totally bummed! BUT, we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time, I got some meds to stop an infection we caught early, we received the first set of genetic screening blood work and all looks well with little one.  So it wasn't a waste of a morning after all.  We are scheduled for the anatomy scan January 9th.  So not too much longer to wait!

Onto all the crazy of the past few weeks...

Playing with some Santa window clings.  Brynn is ALL about Santa this year!

Speaking of...

Last Tuesday was Brynn's Christmas program at school. They sang "Away in a Manger." She now sings it at the top of her lungs...and all the time.  Like when you think she sound asleep all the time.  It's both startling and cute to wake up to. 

These pictures of B and Miss E make my day! They love each other so much!

What-A-Burger after her program. I've started craving gravy lately...I think I need some now actually...

When we got home from the program I ended up getting sick, isn't it great how being pregnant makes any type of sickness a hundreds times worse?  And I'm still fighting off this cold/sinus infection. 
It. Won't. Go. Away. 

My little cheeser on PJ day!

Last Friday, Jonathan took Brynn to his office Christmas party and she came home with this snowman.  She has taken such good care of it this week...feeding it, wrapping it in another scarf, letting it take naps.  It's so special to watch her grow and learn.  

Speaking of growing and learning...

...she has started climbing out of her crib (big girl bed after Christmas for sure! I'm excited to rearrange and organize her room!)

...she has started yelling, "MORGAN!" from her crib when she wants me. 

...says "I hungry for eat" when she wants a snack and I don't see me ever correcting her because that's just too cute!

...she saw a pink car at Sonic the other day and now every time we go (which is every day. There. I said it.) she talks about seeing it. 

...her memory is INCREDIBLE.  Jonathan and I are amazed at what she can recall. We've been adding a new name of Jesus ornament to her tree every night and reviewing the previous ones.  She's able to tell us the name of most of them without prompting.  

But a few come out in "Brynn speak" and make us laugh so hard! Instead of "Lion of Judah" she says "Lion of Cheetah"

And instead of "Living Water" she says "Waterin' the plants" HA! We look forward to it every night!

On Saturday we all felt well enough for a little holiday outing to Holland Gardens.  If you live in or around Lubbock you should definitely check it out! It's been a while since I have been, so I was super impressed with all the decorations there were to see. 

We missed Santa by 10 minutes.  Boo!

Brynn's ornament for the year is Mary Poppins! 

I let her hold it as long as she sits right by the tree.  She sat like this for about 15 minutes Wednesday afternoon just looking at it. 

Yesterday we decided to get out of the house for the day! I could stay home all day everyday.  Brynn loves to see "everybody!" and "Not go home yet, Momma!" So we got dressed in our Christmas gear and went to visit Grams at her new work, Pops at his office, had a Taco Villa picnic at home, and then she went to Aunt DeAnns for the afternoon while I finished Christmas shopping!

This girl is all about the "burri-yo."

I'm so looking forward to Saturday! It's a Mills family baking, playing, & light seeing day. Yay!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Your daughter is really adorable dear. I am glad that you shared about her here. I also had a small Christmas party this year at Los Angeles venues as it was my daughter’s first Christmas. We all had so much fun.