Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The One With Jack Kellen's Birthday

We are right in the middle of trying to figure out how to juggle 2 precious kids, but I want to get the details of this day down before I forget! So I'm sitting here with Jack sleeping in the bassinet, praying that Brynn will be still enough to fall asleep, drinking a Chick-fil-a dr. pepper & quietly stuffing my face with animal crackers.  This is the life people...and I'm really being serious, being a momma is my jam! :) Here's hoping I can finish this quick!

We checked into the hospital a little after 10:00am on May the 17th &by 12:32pm our little guy was here.  After the 21 hours it took to get Brynn here, the 2 hours and 32 minutes it took for Jack to be born were a little too fast for my liking!

We got checked into our room (perks of a cesarean...large rooms!) & our favorite nurse, Joanna (she was our nurse with Brynn & has since become a friend) came in to chat and the next thing I know I have an IV in my hand (to me the IV & epidural are the scariest part and I didn't even feel it!) and we are being rolled down to the OR. 

While we were being wheeled to the OR, this little one was having her favorite lunch (Dions!) with Grams, Pops, Meme, and Aunt Reagan!

The anesthesiologist came down to talk to us and tell us how the procedure would go. By this point my head was spinning with how fast we were moving, I seriously had this thought..."Wow, if I don't have a few minutes to myself I'm not going to have time to be nervous." What a problem!

So the anesthesiologist left to get things ready and we were just waiting on the doctor.  We look up and recognize a friend from LCU who is in nursing school.  He came over to talk to us and before I knew it Dr. Suit was there and ready to go! 

While Jonathan waited, they took me in into the OR for the spinal.  I was pretty anxious at this point, but with the amount of doctors and students in there you either hold it together or totally loose it in front of everyone! Another incredible nurse talked me thru the spinal & it wasn't bad at all, just stung a bit.  Also, at the risk of sounding repatitive...I LOVED our anesthesiolgist.  With Brynn we had someone who didn't have the best bed-side manner (aka he made me cry) so I wasn't sure what to expect.  But Dr. Adams was incredible! He talked me through everything, encouraged me, & did his best to keep my mind off what was happening. Also, Justin Timberlakes Can't Stop The Feeling was playing (which is one of my current favorites) so that made it not bad at all!

Meanwhile in the waiting room...

Back in the OR they were bringing Jonathan in, putting the sheet up, and getting Jack here! At 12:32 our little guy was here...and my 2nd current favorite song was playing (Justin Bieber "Love Yourself" and now I tear up every time I hear it! Yes, I totally get that this is weird!) 

They got all of Jacks stats, 7lbs 5oz 20.5 inches long and then we got to have some skin to skin time which was awesome! 

We went into recovery and Jonathan sent out a flurry of texts to all our friends & family.  After they knew Jack was here, my family took Brynn home to rest before coming back to the hospital.  They also sugared her up to no end the entire week!

We went into the recovery room and Jack got to go with us! This experience was a 180 from what we had with Brynn.  She went straight to the nursery and I slept for 3 hours because I was so doped up.  This time I got hold Jack for a long time & watch his first bath. They also put this heater on me, gave me a cup of ice and let me hold my was like heaven (also because the meds were still working-hah!)

I also have to mention Jacks wonderful nurse, Staci! Her daughter was in my class at SNS this year so having a familiar face taking care of our guy was so special & comforting! It's like every where we turned someone we knew was taking care of us. 

She also took tons of awesome pictures for us during & after surgery. 

Then it was time for Miss B to meet her brother! I've never seen her so timid.  She was completely silent and just kept darting her eyes all over the room.  Which gave us some seriously awesome pictures! And notice that it took Grams all of .2 seconds to scoop him up!

Our Jack Kellen. 

Watching his first basketball game with Daddy!

They had these giant Alvin & the Chipmunks in the lobby of the hospital & apparently she had a photo shoot with them every time she came to visit.  Her 2nd favorite was the elevator.  Anytime anyone left, she wanted to walk them to the elevator and ride down and back up.  

My cousin Mackenzie did this side-by-side...Jack on the left.  Brynn on the right.  

Lots of hospital time!

our "Little Texan" 

We had the nurses do his foot print for us on a baseball & his scripture. 

Apparently I wasn't specific enough on where I wanted his foot print. I'll need to draw some super cute arrows to the actual scripture. Hehe! 

Also, please notice her shirt.  It says, "#brynnstagram" why I haven't taken a million pictures of her in this shirt is beyond me.  I gotta get that done before it doesn't fit!

All the days in the hospital were a blur.  Jack was so easy going, Jonathan did all the work and friends & family visited and brought food.  You would think I was in heaven not doing a thing, but it took a while to get my pain under control & then all the wonderful things that happen after giving birth totally had me down for the count. 

They told us we could stay until Friday or try to leave Thursday.  Well finally, through tears and slow movements we made our way home around 5pm on Friday.   But it was oh so good to get be home!

This little guy is so easy going! He has the sweetest dark hazel (I think) eyes, the cutest crooked grin & we are almost sure his hair is exactly like his sister.  Brynn is coming around to having a brother, The first few days at home were pretty hard on all of us but we are getting into a routine and even though it's not easy, there is nothing else I'd rather be doing! 

Jack Kellen, you make our world better & you've totally changed my mind about baby boys! You are perfectly sweet and have stolen my heart.  You're my little love for always. 

Also, just like with Brynn, I ended up having a major allergic reaction to something after my surgery.  We were in and out of the doctor everyday for a week, to the pharmacy 5 times and finally think maybe I'm allergic to the glue they used to seal me up.  The allergic reaction is about 5x worse than the pain of the c-section.  So throw that on top of not being able to move, hold your babies, or do anything productive and add post baby hormones and imagine how much of a mess I was. I've finally started to feel normal the past days.  I tell you this to ask if anyone else has had this experience.  We are just grasping at straws for the problem & solution.  

I have so many pictures I want to blog for memory purposes, but so little time to blog.  So look for a few posts with a massive amount of pictures headed your way soon.  

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