Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The One With Brynn's First Fourth

We spent the weekend with Jonathan's family in Garland & we had the best time! Thanks Joel & Angela for hosting us. 

On Friday, Isabel & I took a selfie.  This girl knows how to smile for the camera!

Then she pushed Brynn around in her car.  Brynn had this "please help me" look & a death grip on the car the whole time.  Isabel was so cute & pushed her around the house.  I think they bumped into the wall, chairs, counters, stairs, & everything else in their way.  I love watching these girls play together.  

Yay for cousins! 

These girls were so busy (mostly Isa ;) that most of my pictures are blury.  Even from my good camera.  Which, I call it my good camera, but I really don't think it's that great.  Word of advice, don't order a camera off QVC, not matter how fabulous the zoom seems.  

B has had a rough week of napping.  Since last Monday, it has been a battle.  I tried to get her to nap Friday afternoon & instead threw a huge fit.  So, there was no way we were going to make it to the fireworks show at 9:30.  Maybe next year! But, I wanted her to wear her 4th of July dress from Grams.  I popped on her dress & used Joel & Angela's pretty backyard for some pics. 

We had to do quite the song & dance to get B to look at us & not the fountain.  

On Saturday Jonathan's parents & Jillian came over for the day. 

The girls ate SO SO SO much fruit this weekend.  Thanks, Angela for having it for us!

 Brothers & their daughters.  Love this one.

After naps the girls swam.  

This girl has NO FEAR.  She was jumping into the water & loved to be splashed in the face!

Whew!  After refusing naps all week she was conked!

B loves her Uncle Joel! 

Sunday we went to church.  
We ran into one of Jonathan's college friends & her husband.  They sat behind us & B was keeping a very serious, close eye on them.  About half-way through service she decided they were ok & was giving them some major smiles! 

I'm so glad we ran into you, Diana! I'll talk to B about flirting with other people's husbands. 

Uncle Joel was trying his best to get B to walk. 
(She will take a few steps when we hold her hands.  Today she "walked" from her little play table to the entertainment center.  I held onto her & she shuffled her way over!  All that practice paid off!)

I'll probably cry when she looses these rolls.  

We ate lunch then headed home. 
This ADORABLE monogram dress is my favorite.  I think she needs a few more.  Shhh...don't tell Jonathan! 

I'm still on the fence about this car seat.  Obviously she needs it, (weight wise) but her head is all over the place.  I would roll up a blanket and tuck next to her face when she would sleep.  I've looked online for a head insert, but they are only for newborns.  Anyone know of a solution?

We have this fan (our car doesn't have vents in the back row.) Jillian was holding Brynn while we adjusted the car seat...

Time Out...
...I forgot to mention that on the way to Dallas Brynn had a MAJOR blowout.  In her new carseat.  At 10pm. We pulled over into a Ghost Museum parking lot (which would have been creepy if I hadn't been so frustrated) for like 20 minutes to get things all sorted out.  It was not pleasent. 

Jillian was holding Brynn & B took a BITE of the fan.  Yep, she bit off that foam blade. 
Teething is brutal folks. 

We had the best time.  I sure love that these people were a package deal when I married J! 

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  1. I just commented but it didn't show up! Anyway, ahhhh! I got a shout out! lol it was so good running into you guys and I loved meeting Brynn! She is adorable and we couldn't get enough of her :)