Monday, August 18, 2014

The One With Brynn's Lemonade Stand

I had the best time putting together this party!! I wanted to do something bright & fun for Brynn's 1st.  When I came across this party pack on ETSY I knew a lemonade stand theme would be perfect!

We had such a fun day with all of our family & close friends.  We are honored at how they love our girl!

Now for pictures! 

(Imagine this sans Rangers cup)

After many pracitces & many TOTAL fails, I actually made a decent looking eggless cake! Thanks Christy Fox for all of the help!

Baby girl LOOOOVED her some cake! She flew icing on the wall & all over the floor.  She was plunging both fists into it & shoveling it into her mouth as fast as possible.  We could not stop laughing.  It was perfect!


 Sweet cousins. 


 Best friends & best friends. 

This was Brynn's gift from her Daddy.  He went to Disney Land for work (how awful :) when she was 6 weeks old.  One of the cartoonists drew this for Brynn (it says her name & everything) & who would of guessed how obsessed she would be with "ninnie!"

Tickle Monster book from Mrs. Carole!

Beautiful & oh so special quilt from her Sha-Sha.

Aunt Kelsie gave Brynn some super cute Nikes! I think she loves them! 


Blocks from Auntie Rea


Minnie Mouse shopping cart from Aunt Jilly to go with...


...the Minnie Kitchen!! Thanks Uncle Joel & Aunt Angela!


 We spent the rest of the night cleaning up, blowing bubbles, & playing croquet. 




Thanks to all who came over to celebrate Brynn, for all of the Facebook & Instagram posts, the texts & calls.  She is well loved!


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