Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The One With All 12 Months

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Brynn Mills Garner! 

I can never tell you how much your Daddy & I love you.  You bring us nothing but JOY!

From day 1 you showed us you were like your Daddy; calm & relaxed.  Same dark eyes & hair.

When you started with your "angry eyes" & your demanding, sassy attitude I knew you were like me! :) 

You are perfect.  You bring so much happiness into our family & to those who have the pleasure to know you.

I thank God everyday for allowing us to borrow you.  You are His first & ours second.  I pray you always seek out Jesus, you need only to take one step and He will come running. 

What joy to be known as Brynn's Momma.
I love you sweet one.
Happy 1st Birthday!



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