Friday, September 18, 2015

The One With All The Colds

This Friday Favorites is brought to you by Kleenex's, humidifiers, Dimetapp, & stuffy noses.  We all seem to have some version or another of colds/allergies. Thankful for a rainy, cool and cozy weekend ahead to rest and be a family! 

As soon as we got home from school she asked for "Mary Hoppins."

As soon as bath was over she asked for "Mary Hoppins."

Guess what we'll be watching all weekend??

Also, because of B's infatuation with Mary Poppins I dug up this picture from our 2nd trip to Disney. 

Proof that we've always been fans! 

I'm of to play & spend my day wiping this girls nose.  Wouldn't want it any other way!

Happy Friday all, enjoy the weekend!

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  1. I hope she feels better