Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The One With Week 23

How far along
Week 23. 

J has been wonderful, as always! We have spent the last few weekends & most week nights building furniture, cleaning out closets, sorting things for the garage sale, (this sale is going to be epic by the way) organizing, and family grocery store trips. Jonathan does this all without complaining (even though I'm typically super bossy and irritable, shocker) Jack has the BEST role model in his daddy.

 I think we are both ready for a lazy weekend...which may happen... in a month. 

Maternity Clothes
 I should just remove this item, because yes and no turning back.  None of my school T-Shirts fit anymore, so that makes school day dressing interesting.  I've bought a few maternity tanks to see if that helps, but this little boy is growing way faster than his sister did it seems! Any current or recently pregnant friends have any maternity clothes suggestions...

Working on Jack's nursery!  I'm not a decorator.  I ask my mom, aunt, cousin, and friends for reassurance on just about every purchase. I have a hard time visualizing how things will look.  But I have the BEST time searching and shopping to make this room perfect & special for our little man.  So far ETSY has made a pretty penny off of me! Target & Hobby Lobby are go-to's.  We recently got Amazon Prime so I plan to put that to good use! And lots of things have transitioned from B's nursery to J's.  Painting will happen soon & then I'll {pretend} to help mom sew curtains and crib bedding. 

 This has nothing to do with being pregnant,  but we will be taking away Brynn's paci soon and I can't handle it! 
1. I feel like she still looks like a baby when she uses it. 
2. She only gets it when she lays down for nap & at night (or when she sneaks it during the day.) She doesn't keep it in all night, but it's her trigger to go to sleep & has been since day one. 
soooo....I'm dreading it I feel so bad taking it away! I'm hoping between now and Friday she decides to give them all to brother. (Yeah right.) Also, potty training, I've got to get on that.  I think she could totally do it...I just can't make myself commit to it! You think I'd be motivated by the price of diapers.

 So much! I forget how fun {and a bit creepy} it is to feel them toss around.  He's really low and pretty much right on my that's a treat.  I've tried to get Brynn to feel him kick, but I'm never fast enough.  Also, it blows my mind that B totally accepts that a baby is growing in my tummy...wouldn't you think that would be confusing for a 2 year old? 

 Enjoying the 2nd trimester calm & starting to hit a bit of the nesting mode. 

Best Part of the Week
 Just having a normal week has been great.  We've been going 90-nothing and it has been nice to just catch up with laundry, cooking, and the house this week.  There is also a TON of sickness going around and I'm so thankful it hasn't hit our house (knock on wood!) Sometimes the boring weeks are the best weeks. 

Worst Part of the Week
 Trying to actually cook supper. I need to just accept the fact that we have to eat supper EVERY night and get on with it. But, this...

Missing Most: 
 Not getting up 4 times a night to go to the bathroom. 

Can't wait for
 Organizing our garage this weekend. ;)

 Baby Boy! And the shock is gone and we are SO excited! Jack Kellen, you are so anticipated! 


Brynn has been so helpful working in Jack's nursery! She said on Saturday, "I have to help build Jacks room." Sweet. 

We took a family trip to the grocery store Thursday night.  Jonathan wanted to let her push the little cart and for some reason I agreed.  She did really good for about 4 minutes until she started racing everywhere and then would walk away from her basket.  I would push both and Jonathan would chase her.  What a wild night! 

We were debating on which type of yogurt to get, because we are cool like that, and turned around to see that B had filled the cart with baseball bubble gum.  Maybe she wanted Jack to have a snack? 

Elizabeth came over last Monday.  Brynn decided to dress-up for her. 

On Saturday she got her first haircut!

And she convinced her Grams to buy her a Slim Jim...and she wasn't so much a fan. Hah!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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