Monday, February 8, 2016

The One Where I Need Help {on non-life threatening topics}

I have been tossing a few random ideas around in my head and I just need some feedback! 


Maternity Clothes

Ok, obviously different people carry pregnancy weight different. With Brynn (and because it was our first) I felt like I could wear most of my non-maternity shirts/dresses for a long time. But this go around I feel like baby boy is growing FAST and he's SO low that my current clothes and most of my old maternity wear just aren't long enough to cover the belly. And that's good for no one. 

I work at a preschool 2 days a week and can wear t-shirts & jeans (AWESOME!) and really only get dressed "nice" on Sunday's. 

I feel like I've searched the Old Navy, Gap, Loft, and Target maternity sections a million times and always come up short on casual (read: non-fitted) items. I hate to spend lots of money on things I'll only wear for a few months, but my lack of options is getting FRUSTRATING.'s where I need help...
Any other stores or websites you recommend for maternity clothes? Anything you wore in your pregnancy that you loved? 

Because here is the current about 3 weeks I will have 2 things that fit. A dress and my flannel pjs. Yep, that's gonna be a problem. 

Help, Again.

Double Strollers 

Worth it? Waste of money and space? We have a Chicco car seat so it would need to fit whichever stroller we went with.  

I've looked at a few on resale sites, but because of Brynns allergies we have to be so careful of what we get that has been previously used. Our local Just Between Friends is next month, so if you guys recommend the double stroller then I'll search for one there! 

And along this note--anything you'd recommend to register for the 2nd go around that you didn't the first? 

Help. One more time. 


My kid and I are all about snacks. We pretty much eat all day. And I hear, "I huuungry" about every 30 minutes. Our go-to snacks are popcorn, raisins, crackers, fruit snacks, pretzels, & fruit. And we are so ready for some new options. I know I can always search Pinterest, but I seem to always come
up with the same ideas. 

So I wanted to ask on here what tried and true mid-morning and late afternoon snacks work for you and your kids. {Remeber--no peanut or egg items.} I am more of a picky eater than Brynn, so any suggestion is welcomed! 

Last thing...

Bachelor tonight!!! I have not watched a full season in years...but this one has be hooked. I've got to get up and get all of my chores done so I can watch at 7.  Yay!! I am not reading Reality Steve, so no spoilers, but who are your favorites? Im for Becca, Lauren B and JoJo!

Hooray Monday is almost over!!

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