Sunday, April 17, 2016

The One With Week 35 & Jack's Baby Shower

Week 35

How far along: 35 Weeks! One month from today is our scheduled cesarean. I might be freaking out a got here so quickly!
Husband: Still being awesome & taking my (& Brynn's) mood swings in stride. 

Maternity Clothes: I've banned myself from buying anymore maternity clothes.  I'm mostly in my super soft & loose stretchy pants from Target, maternity tanks, tees, and dresses. 

Loving: Ice. I eat it all day long.  I can't help it! (low iron = ice cravings) Extra ice in all my Sonic drinks & I'm extra thankful for our little ice maker in our freezer!

Loathing: The swelling & puffiness that is starting to overtake my body.  Yuck...go away!

Movement: Lots! Watching your kid knock around in your belly is totally mind blowing.  And also a bit freaky...especially in the middle of the night. 

Symptoms: I'll keep this simple...All of them.  

Best Part of the Week: Jack's baby shower today! We were so honored today by everyone who came, sent gifts, & wished us well.  We are surrounded by some incredible people who truly love our kids & I'm so grateful for them! (Pictures below)

Worst Part of the Week: I had a dream that we forgot to go to the hospital on our scheduled day.  I mean...that's ridiculous!

I'm starting to have major anxiety about delivery, recovery, and a new normal.   So I'm praying that God stills my anxiety in the coming weeks. 

Missing Most: Not having to visit the bathroom every 20 minutes.  On days when we are home I always tell Brynn when I am going back to the bathroom in case she needs me and lately I've been met with this response..."Again!?" 

Can't wait for: Finalizing & organizing the nursery.  Shopping for the rest of the newborn necessities.  Lots of list making (and item crossing off) this week & that makes me happy! 

Gender: Little Mister! Can't wait to see what our little guy looks like!

Now to a few pictures from the weekend. 

We spent lots of time with our friends this weekend and it was wonderful! We are so thankful for this group! 

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Brynn's friend, Oliver.  His grandparents have the BEST backyard! Brynn ran all over the place and informed us on the way home, "I have so much fun at Oliver's party!"

We hope you had a great birthday, Oliver! Thanks for inviting us!

Today was Jack Kellen's baby shower at church.  I made these for hostess gifts and I love them! I made a few extra for my house.  Flowers make me so happy. :)

This is how Brynn's morning starts on most days...breakfast and TV in our room.  She's got it made. 

My girl. 

Here she is telling me, "Oh, your earrings! So pretty Momma!"

The Garner Three...almost The Garner Four!

The baby shower was decorated so cute! We've had a major baby boom in our class at church...I've lost count but I think we are at 5 current pregnancies and 3 brand new babies.  Is that right South Plains friends? Anyways, we've all been spending lots of Sunday's throwing baby showers so I'm extra thankful for all the work and love that went in to today.  Thank you friends, it was perfect!

Ellen had the idea to use a book instead of a sign in sheet. How genius! We did this for Brynn's last birthday and I'm pretty sure it's now a tradition for  our family.  

You ladies are awesome! 

This is my friend Kensey.  We are due a week a part.  She is having a baby girl who Brynn lovingly refers to as "Ada-wine" (Adeline) & we are both pretty sure our kids will be BFF...and possibly husband and wife one day.  It's been so fun to have close due dates.  She's my go-to text buddy lately & we have the best time comparing symptoms and bouncing ideas, fears, cravings, tips and tricks off each other.  She also lives just down the street from me.  So I see lots of walks and play dates in our future.  Love you Kensey & Adeline (and Devin. hehe!)

Brynn scored big at Jacks shower (see....people who love our kids so much they didn't' want her to feel left out) One of her gifts was this Ana doll (we are about 3 years late to the Frozen band wagon) and while we were playing outside she sat her in our pictures spot and said, "Ok, cheese!!" Jonathan & I died laughing.  I love that my girl is all about a photo op! 

It's been such a great weekend! I'm excited for a slow Monday of sorting gifts & staying home. Happy Tax Day tomorrow...go get a half price burger at Sonic (I'll tack one onto my order of a large sweet tea with extra ice. Hah!)

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