Monday, August 1, 2016

The One With The 2 Month Update

***I wrote this post 2 weeks ago then our internet was a mess and I could never publish it.  Hopefully I'll be back in a few weeks with a more accurate update!***

On Sunday {the 16th...2 weeks ago...oops!} Jack Kellen was 2 months new! I feel like we are getting into our new normal & routines.  It's still insanely hard to balance the needs of 2 kiddies & keep our house running the way I like it, all while running on broken sleep cycles.  I've just about decided to start liking coffee.
 {update: I can't make myself like coffee.  Even tried coffee ice cream (hah!) but can only eat about one scoop. I need coffee that smells like coffee, has the effects of coffee, but doesn't taste like coffee. My inner Gilmore Girl is not proud of this.}
  But it's all so worth it to have these 2 sweet faces call me momma!

These pictures make me laugh so much.  This must be what he will look like as an old man!

I'm struggling with boy fashion.  Do you basically just throw them in a onesie and call it a day? I've found that collars aren't a favorite because the ends up chewing on them! Boy mommas...favorite boy styles or places to shop? 

My cousin sent us these moccasins and they are precious! 

Jack met his BFF and possibly future wife.  I don't think they actually looked at each other, but there's time! 

On Sundays we have family lunch at my parents. It's one of the highlights of my week!

 I thought Brynn was pretty mellow, (until she hit 2 years old anyways!) but this guy is more chill than she was! I don't know how we got 2 easy babies but wowza am I so thankful!! The only time he cries is when he is hungry, every 3 hours like clockwork, or if he's over tired.  

I thought it would be fun to make moon sand.  Well...Pinterest failed me. We mixed flour and baby oil and couldn't get the right consistency.  Then somehow, Brynn removed the child proof lid on the baby oil and spilled it.  #MESS {3 weeks later and my floor is still a bit slippery!} 

He's sleeping in his bassinet in our room at night & naps in his swing during the day.  I'm slowly trying to acclimate him to the crib, but he sleeps so well in the swing! His night time sleep is pretty inconsistent.  We just feed him when he wakes up.  Sometimes he's up every 3 hours & sometimes he goes 5 hours.  I'm going to try something new tonight and see if it helps stretch his sleep. 

On Wednesdays we head to gymnastics! Brynn is loving it so much! We've decided to continue her classes during the school year.  I've toyed around with the idea of also doing soccer or dance, but I think one activity is all we can handle right now!

Jack is content to sit in his car seat & smile or sleep while sister has class.  It's a great 45 min of quiet time for me!

The past 2 weeks have had a beach theme, so that has been super fun! 

We played with the Mills cousins at Mema & DadDad's house!

I need to get me a country house with lots of outside space STAT. 

B crashed on the way home!

Then it was time for another Sunday lunch!

Playing with my old tea set. 

Summer nights!

Jack had his 2 month check up last week.  He weighed 11lbs 4oz and is 23 inches long. He got 3 shots and it made Brynn & I so sad! Poor fella had a very sore leg.  He cried more that evening than he has in his whole life!

Sad face finally fell asleep!

Well this was only about 2 weeks late! We love you to the moon Jack Kellen!

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