Monday, August 15, 2016

The One With The Jolly Holiday {Brynns 3rd Birthday Party}

B loves her some Mary Poppins.  We watch the movies AT LEAST once a day.  If not twice {yeah we have the TV on all day here...I need the background noise!} At first she told me she wanted a ballerina birthday, but everything I found was so fancy.  When I suggested a Mary Poppins party instead she was so excited and stuck with the idea. 
 I love to throw parties. 
 I love to buy stationary. 
 I love to browse decorations & Pinterest. 
 I just love it all! 

So come on in to 17 Cherry Tree Lane!

Her inviation was my favorite thing! The invites & all the stationary are from Pretty Plain Jane's

Every year I have her guests sign a book that coordinates with her party theme.  I tape the invite to the inside cover & voila...the perfect keepsake!

Theme wear is a must! You'll notice her chowing down on a caramel apple sucker in most of the pictures.  {Just like Jane & Michael!}

Our shirts are from Jordandene and they were the best to work with! 

Awesome Aunt DeAnn to the rescue! She cut the penguins, kites & this backdrop for me.  

Drink Station: 
Sweet Tea
Lemonade Punch 

Since her egg allergies limit our dessert choices, we went the ice cream route.  Thanks Momma for the homemade vanilla! I'm glad there were leftovers that now live in my freezer. 

Red carnations & daisies.  If you know the movie, you know why!

"You think...You wink...You do a double blink...You close your eyes and JUMP!"

We love Uncle John and Aunt Reagan! We can always count on them for a good time...and for Reagan to totally botch taking videos and pictures for me.  ;)

And we had to fly kites of course! I was worried about the weather forecast...rain.  But in true Lubbock fashion the rain was no where to be seen, but there was plenty of wind for some kite flyin!

Nana G & Nana.  Brynn kept calling them, "The 2 Nanas." 

Thanks Pops & Grams for letting us use your house {and for a million other things!}

 B is easily overwhelmed {see previous post to see what I'm talking about}, so we keep her parties to a small group of family & close friends. Of course, her best friend has to be there! When I asked her what her favorite part was she said..."Isabess." I told Ellen I should forgo the party & let them have a sleep a few years!

And I have to give credit to Ellen for originally finding these shirts.  I just keep buying them a size bigger as Brynn grows!

B got tons of wonderful gifts, seriously, so much fun stuff! We have already played  Shopkins, made play dough ice cream, painted, & she got some adorable clothes (& Hunter rain boots...LOVE!) But something totally awesome she got was this soccer kit from John & Reagan.  John is doing everything in his power to make her a little soccer star & this is a great start!  It's what the US women's team wore in the Olympics and it's SO TOTALLY AWESOME. She may be wearing it to church next week to celebrate the closing ceremonies.  #NotReally #ButMaybe #USA

It makes my heart so happy that God added these 3 to our village.  We love the Calhoun's and little Miss Addy-Cakes. 

Jack & "The 2 Nanas"

Sidewalk chalk like Bert!


Flying kites like pros.

4 generations of love!

It was a "practically perfect in every way" day!

If you know of anyone who needs some Mary Poppins decor...shoot them my way! 

I hope you had such a jolly time Brynn Mills.  Thanks for being the best one of the best ones! I love you for always, baby girl!

Want to see her past birthdays?

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