Monday, August 15, 2016

The One With the {3rd} Birthday Interview

Our girl is 3!! Here are some highlights about Brynn Mills Garner. 

{August 2015}


This stage is so fun! I love having conversations with her.  Her sweet little voice that gets all stutter-y when she's trying to tell me something important is just the cutest! I love hearing her view on what's happening & how she can recall just about everything you've told her. 

She cannot say the "L" sound yet, so a lot of her words still come out babyish and I LOVE it! I'm hanging onto that as long as I can! The way she says, "I wove you" melts my heart. 

When she asks me a question and doesn't agree with my answer she will say, "Well, I don't think so." or "Well, we'll see."

{September 2015}

{October 2015}


I've learned that Brynn does things in her own time.  I should have known this about her from day one.  Rolling over, crawling, walking, giving up paci, potty training (which will happen when she's finally ready--I'm throwing my hands up on this one)'s all in her own time.  No amount of forcing will rush her into it if she's not ready.  Which I can totally understand because I'm the same way.  I need time to process & transition.  We went thru a phase where we set the timer for everything.  So now she always tells us, "2 more minutes." 

She has the BEST manners.  I always hear a please & thank you from her.  I also love when she tells me she's sorry.  Sometimes it's totally appropriate (disobeying) and other times it's just cute (if she gets hurt she will tell me, "I'm sorry I got hurt.") 

If you're around her you're probably going to get a compliment! When she saw me in the hospital gown she said, "I love your pretty dress!" hehe!

She's as feisty as I'll get out.  If you don't give her time to transition or she gets embarrassed, all bets are off! She will just melt to the floor or cover her face in your shoulder until she's had time to gather herself (she gets it from her momma.) Even though this can be really hard to deal with, I love it about her.  I love that she is her own person, she has her own thoughts, and she isn't going to do something just to be a people pleaser. 

{November 20116}

{December 2015}


She's not quite the bottomless pit she used to be.  She's a great eater, but she is getting more picky & likes to take a bite then play, take a bite then play.  I hate forcing her to eat something she doesn't like so I make lots of SunButter and Jelly sandwiches and I don't mind one bit.  I don't like being forced to eat stuff, why should she be! 

She loves her some dessert (she got it from her Daddy!) She loves to get slushies with Aunt DeAnn at Sonic and if you give her marshmallows she will love you for life! She often tells me, "I love candy!" 

We still stay far away from peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs.  But we are going to try a food challenge with egg in baked goods at her allergists office pretty soon.  I'm so praying this goes well!

{January 2016}

{February 2016}


She gave up naps completely & we've been pretty lax about bedtime this summer. She is usually in bed by 9 and will sleep until 7:30-8:30.  Sometimes she will fall apart in the afternoons so we just have extra Netflix time on those days! 

She has started having bad dreams and it breaks my heart! Multiple times a week she will yell for us and say something about a dinosaur and dragon getting her.  

She loves her big girl bed! And she loves to jump on her big girl bed!

{March 2016}

{April 2016}

Play Time

We started gymnastics this summer and it's been a huge hit! 
She plays at Aunt DeAnn's house once a week and she LOVES it (probably because she can do anything she wants there!)
She loves to run around Grams & Pops backyard playing soccer with Reagan and John. She loves to swing and often says, "I wish we could go to a park."
She watches WAY too much YouTube for kids. (I don't even care if that's bad, Momma and Jack gotta have some quiet time!)
She has started referring to her baby dolls as her "daughters" and it gets me so tickled! 
She likes to play hide-n-seek with daddy & makes faces (snapchat) with mommy. 

{May 2016}

{June 2016}


She pretty much ignores her brother all day, but she doesn't dislike him anymore!

 She was so sad when he had to get shots a few weeks ago & it was the sweetest thing to see her care for him.  She tells me when he has a "stinky neck" (hahaha!) & is incredibly helpful around the house. If I'm vacuuming or make a loud noise she will tell me, "SHHH!!! That's too loud for my baby brother!" I wonder if she's heard that herself a few hundred times. She will also ask me, "are you taking care of me or taking care of jack?" She doesn't believe that I can handle them both...which sometimes is completely accurate. 

{July 2016}

{August 2016}

1. How old are you? 
Three years old! 

2. Who is your best friend?

3. What is your favorite color?

4. What is your favorite thing to do?
watch Mommy's old phone
play outside
bake muffins

5. What is your favorite food?
 "white ice cream" (vanilla)
 oreo cookies 

6. What do you like to do with your family?
"Play with you guys."
 "Play people." 
(Her Fisher Price Little People are a daily play staple)

7. What is your favorite toy?
"My chocolate syrup." (It's part of her kitchen toys. So weird.)
 "My baby dolls & my people."

8. Whats your favorite song?
"Jesus Loves Me This I Know"
"The B.I.B.L.E."
Any Mary Poppins song

9. What is your favorite show?
Little Einstein 

10. What is your favorite movie?
Mary Poppins

11. Where do you like to go?
"the beach" (she's never been!)
DeAnns house
Grams & Pops house

12. What's your favorite book?

13. What do you do before you fall asleep?
 brush teeth
 read books & everyone says a prayer (Momma says Jacks prayer)
 then songs with daddy
turn on music (instrumental hymns)
 and NO more paci!

14. What's your favorite animal?

Happy Third Birthday, Baby Girl!

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