Thursday, December 25, 2014

The One With All The Hope {and Cards}

Merry Christmas!!

I am praying that today finds you surrounded by loved ones and the presence of Jesus. May your cup overflow with joy and hope today! 

Sunday morning {through all the stickers and Brynn wrangling} I heard the most hopeful message. I keep thinking about it. I'm linking to the audio, mostly for my future reference. But if you get a minute I promise you won't leave empty hearted. 
Thank you God for Jesus. 

Now onto a whole different topic...

One of my absolute favorite part of the holidays is Christmas cards!  When I was a teenager I would beg my mom to let me address our family cards. Something about a handwritten envelope makes me so happy! 

I know to some people it doesn't make sense to send out a card when you could just post it to Facebook. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I so love to open the cards and see which design they picked and the precious pictures of our family and friends. And mostly I love when our fridge is taken over by them! 

This year we didn't get as many {maybe it's because Christmas seemed to have snuck up out of nowhere} but I adore the ones we do have! When I showed Brynn the card we got from the Layton's she immediately started blowing kisses at her precious friend Layne. See, that doesn't happen on Facebook! So if you sent us a card, know that it made my day to open it. If you didn't, go ahead and add me to your list for next year! 

Here are our cards from the last few years. 

I think this was 2010? The only one I sent out before Brynn, I wish had done them every year. 

{ignore that is says 2014! I had to screen shot it from Shutterfly and it must have updated} Also, please notice how much Brynn's hair has grown in one year! 




Our wonderful friend, Monica, always does and fantastic job with our photo sessions.

I always spend WAY too much time mulling over layouts and wording, but I don't mind one bit! 

Wishing you a Happy Holiday! 
The Garner Three 

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