Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The One With Christmas {2014}

I figured I should try to sneak this post in before 2015! 

I dropped the ball this year with Christmas festivities.  November was a really weird, bummer of a month so I basically took most of December to recoup and regroup.  Then before I knew it, it was Christmas week! 

We didn't see Santa, {apparently he returns to the North Pole very early these days} we didn't go on the carriage ride, we skipped LCU's Big Blue Christmas but we did put lights on the house, put out all the Christmas decorations and wore some festive Christmas gear. So here is a quick month in review.

Nope, Mom, no pictures of my cute 1st pony tail. 

She was antsy in Walmart, so I swiped up a paint chip book {Disney of course} and that entertained her for a bit!

We love Elizabeth! She dug around the toy bucket at school and found Brynn's favorite toy. 

Brynn sported some fabulous bed head. 

We went to cheer on Elizabeth's Aunt Haley at her basketball game.  The girls were HILARIOUS together.  

There was lots of clapping and dancing. 

And then, just like that, she was no longer a baby. 

We spent Christmas Eve and Day at my parents house.  It was nice to only travel 15 minutes down the road! We put together puzzles, watched Christmas movies and ate way too much.  It was also nice that I had a house full of people to entertain Brynn so I could relax. Thanks family for a great Christmas!

Christmas Eve jammies. 

Must put on jammies so Santa will visit!!

Santa brought Brynn a basketball goal, some stickers, a Jellycat rabbit and of course, a stocking stuffed with treats.  

She wanted her bottle, but was too busy to sit and drink it.  She roamed around like this while John and Reagan opened gifts. 

Thanks to the Gwinn's for this ornament.  It matches her tree!

As soon as she opened a gift she would take it to Pops.  She knows he will do anything for her, including taking her gifts out of the boxes. 


Begging Aunt Reagan for a cinnamon roll. 

John bought Reagan a long board and Brynn was really thankful that he did! 

Is she jumping or dancing? Who knows!

B loves her aunt and uncle! They were both so great at entertaining and being patient with her. 

Teaching Brynn the art of a blue tongue.  

She colors my world. 

We had such a relaxing day.  We didn't go anywhere.  My grandparents came in for lunch and we stuffed our faces with Mexican food.  It was a perfect Christmas! 

Last weekend I took down the decorations.  Which usually turns into some form of spring cleaning {you know, dusting the top of the entertainment unit, rearranging and restyling everything} so it took me a solid day to finish.  When I did the house was missing some "sparkle." So I dug out the tent B got for her birthday and strung it with lights and gave it a semi-permanent home.  It's been so fun to watch her play in it.  The best part is the way she laughs when Jonathan or I climb in with her.  She's just the best!

I pray you all had a great and relaxing Christmas! I plan on doing a year in review and a look ahead post in the next 24 hours.  So check back for a year full of "brynnstagrams!"

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