Sunday, December 14, 2014

The One With Thanksgiving {2014}

We spent Thanksgiving in Crockett (wow the trees are beautiful in the fall!) and in Garland. It's nap time and I'm still experiencing "wedding week hangover" so here is a quick picture recap before I pass out!

The weather was perfect over the weekend so we spent lots of time outside.  Brynn wanted to love on Abby {the dog} SO much, but because of her allergies she can't.  She was always on the look out for her yelling, "Abbbbbeee!!"

We spent some time with Jonathan's wonderfully kind grandparents. B kept trying to trade them toys for their canes...but nope, Momma didn't think that was a great idea. 

We had Christmas and Brynn got some really great gifts from her grandparents and Aunt Jilly.  Thank you all!

Check out her Minnie slippers! Cuuute!

We spent one afternoon in Garland.  I think the cousins enjoyed chasing each other!

Then Aunt Jilly let B eat some playdough.  

Apparently sitting in church was not an option for this one.  So we spent the time eating and playing in the car. 

Then we drove home {with everyone else in the state} and were glad to make it safely.  We saw 2 pretty awful wrecks.  We enjoyed spending time with the family and showing off our girl!

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