Sunday, April 20, 2014

Brynn's First Easter

I love a Sunday, especially an Easter Sunday. I love seeing everyone dressed in bright springy colors, stuffing an Easter basket for B, spending time with family & friends, and lots of candy! But most important, I love seeing my FaceBook & Instagram feed flooded with scripture & the words "He Is Risen!" 

Now--brace yourself for a lot of pictures--seriously.

We started the day taking pictures at our house before church.  

After church we took pictures of the girls.  As per usual, it was incredibly tricky to get both looking at the camera & smiling at the same time! 

I'm almost positive they are complimenting each other on their beautiful, pink Easter dresses. 

Then it was Easter basket time at Pops & Grams!  

She was excited to watch Frozen! Can't say that Daddy feels the same way. :)

Then she opened her Easter gift from her Nana & Papa G.  She got the cutest stuff lamb & some Easter cookies cutters that will be so fun to use next year! Thanks Nana & Papa G!

And then her Easter gift from Grams & Pops.  This girl loves to open a present! She got some cute outfits and a Glow Worm!

I panicked (ok-not so much panicked-just remembered & felt ridiculous) last night when I remembered I DIDN'T EVEN BUY EASTER EGGS! Seriously, how did I forget that? Jonathan went to the store and they were out.  But my best friend came through and let me borrow some of her daughters eggs.  Whew! Brynn loved to chew on them.  One came apart and she filled with with drool. Don't worry Ellen, I'll wash them real good before they are returned! ;)

We had a quick wardrobe change & got ready to hunt eggs.

Cousin Mackenzie helped her hunt confetti eggs!

So much goodness in this picture! 

We had such a great day with my grandparents, parents, sister, Brynn's college friend Jordan (Happy Birthday!) the Gwinns and our friends at church.  It makes me so happy that we have our family here to be a part of Brynn's "growing-up." And we missed our family that lives tooooo far away!

Here's hoping Brynn sleeps in late tomorrow (because she sure isn't nappin today!) 

Happy Easter! 

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