Sunday, April 20, 2014

Have We Found The Culprit

Starting around 3 months old, we noticed Brynn's skin becoming red, flakey, & she would itch like mad.  It started with her cheeks, then spread to her wrists, behind her knees, her belly, her scalp, then it seemed to be everywhere.  She was constantly scratching & making herself bleed.  
So we put her in mittens, lathered her in lotions, and took her to the doctor.  Her pedi said not to worry about it.  Yeah, right, ok.  Thanks for the help, but that isn't going to work for me. 

So we took her to the dermatologist.  He gave us a cream that worked like magic but it had steroids in it so I wasn't comfortable using it as often as she needed.  

I asked EVERYONE for tips-facebook, her teachers at SNS, family, WebMD-and we tried what seemed like everything. 

We switched formula 7 times (Similac, WalMart brand, Target Brand of Enfamil, Target Brand of Enfamil Gentle, Target Brand of Soy, Target Brand of Gentle, Target Brand of Soy) and none made a bit of difference.  

Then I found out from my sister-in-law that you aren't supposed to use fabric softener on babies clothes.  DUH! Thanks Tia Angela! How did I not know this!?  So I rewashed EVERYTHING in organic baby detergent WITHOUT fabric softener.  I rewashed ALL our clothes and stopped using fabric softener with them as well.  This seemed to work...a little bit.  

I had pretty much given up on finding a solution and just tried to keep the itchiness away.  Then a friend from college started a blog about her son and their struggle with his eczema.  The Ericksons were dealing with some serious serious eczema & it really scared me that Brynn's could get that bad.  (Follow the link to her blog-I'm so thankful they are finding some answers!) I am so glad she decided to share their story because it really got me moving to find an answer to B's skin.  After talking to Staci, she explained that eczema is usually the outward sign of something going on in the gut.  That got me thinking...

...I love Target.  Who doesn't? We have a Target card, use the Cartwheel app and I scan the Target app & ad every week for discounts (formula & diapers aren't cheap people!) We have tried to use UP&UP diapers but they irritate B's skin.  I've tried UP&UP moisturizer, lotion & contact solution and used it for about a day before it went in the trash...just not the same. So, last Sunday in class it dawns on me...Why do I think UP&UP formula would be any different? It's "comparable to Enfamil" so it should be just fine? Right?

That afternoon I bought just plain-name brand-Enfamil Gentlease. After about 48 hours I started to notice a difference in her skin. Her little hands and wrists had been flakey & rough for such a long time that I just about cried when I went to put lotion on her...and her skin was smooth! By Friday (5 full days of the Enfamil) her arms and legs looked SO much better. I think we might have found the culprit!!  Now, her skin isn't 100% clear, her face still seems to break out when she rubs against someone. And when she is tired or upset she still claws at her scalp (I'm afraid this is the way she deals with stress.) But, I think I have found the main trigger. 

So, does Target formula make every kid break out? Obviously, no. But it did my kid. And it will be so worth the extra dollars to buy name brand if it keeps her skin clear! (We will accept any enfamil coupons you might send our way! 😊) 

I know a skin problem doesn't seem terrible--but when your baby girl will scratch her face, scalp, and body until it bleeds--that's not ok. And this Momma shed many, many tears over the pain it caused her baby girl. 
We are praying that this is our answer
& we can keep her skin from causing her anymore pain. 

Thanks Staci for sharing your story and giving me motivation to not listen to my doctor & to be proactive for my child! 

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