Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekends Are My Favorite

Our weekend started off great because Jonathan finally came home from his business trip! He was in Michigan for 4 days and we missed him for sure! We are lucky enough to have my parents live close so B and I can pack up and stay with them when Jonathan travels.  

On Saturday, I decided it was time to work in the yard.  Great theory.  I went to clean out the flower beds and of course we have no gloves.  How's a girl supposed to pull weeds without gloves?! I waited until J & B woke up and we went to WalMart to get some "supplies." And since it was 10am on a Saturday, Brynn went in her jammies and I didn't even put a bow on her.  I mean, it is WalMart. After we grabbed some gloves and a few plants J & B decided to check out the fish. 

We worked outside all of 45 minutes before it was too hot & the wind became outrageous. Yes, it was only 80 degrees.  I'm sorry I hate the heat.  I hate the wind.  I especially hate them together.  Give me cold and cloudy--all day everyday.  

I'll eventually do a "before & after" post of our yard.  When we moved in, our yard had this terrible desert, rock, wimpy tree situation.  I shudder thinking about it (and how easy we thought it would be to remove the gravel...nope-not easy.)

We spent the rest of the day resting, 

playing with Brynn, 


working on school yearbooks, and watching movies.  I'm typically not one to watch a bunch of movies.  I prefer to put in seasons of my favorite shows (Friends, Boy Meets World, Psych, The Office.) But for some reason, ever since Brynn was sick last week, all I have wanted to do is watch (and by watch I mean have playing in the background while I do other things...I don't have that much down time!) old chick flicks.  And for those wondering, at least 1 person might be...right?? Here is what I have watched...

-The Proposal
- Fools Gold
- Sahara
- My Best Friends Wedding
- The Wedding Planner
- Runaway Bride

And I'm finishing the weekend with my ALL time favorite movie...You've Got Mail.  Thank your ladies and gentlemen...thank your. 
I found Father of the Bride and Fever Pitch for super cheap on Amazon.  Those are up next on the list! 

Today I woke up to a text from my Mom and Dad letting me know that my beautiful cousin, Lindsey, would be delivering her baby boy by C-Section at 34 weeks.  We immediately went into prayer mode, texting friends for prayers and soon saw a perfect picture of little Lucas Foy!
4lbs 5oz & 17 inches long.  I'm sure Tim & Linds would love any prayers you would like to say in honor of them and little Luke.  We are praising God that they are both doing well!

Then we were off to church.  We love our church so much.  We have really found a home there.  J & I are so thankful for our best friends who invited us to South Plains several years ago.  If you're looking for somewhere to go, I can guarantee you will be welcomed and encouraged here!  And there is also a good chance you will catch a glimpse of this one either jumping uncontrollably or napping. :)

After church, we were standing in the parking lot talking to our friends Ellen & Landon.  They are the parents of Brynn's best buddy, Elizabeth.  Well the dad's disappeared and apparently Landon wanted to send E home with us!

Today Brynn is 8 months old! 

I spent the afternoon grocery shopping (tomorrow will be freezer meal making day) and then we went over to my parents house for OneGroup.  We have sure missed going! Now it's time to rest and be so thankful I get to spend my Monday at home being Brynn's Momma! 

Weekends are my favorite.  

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