Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friday Favorites: The One With What's Up Wednesday

So I'm typing this post out on my phone Thursday morning (yesterday) while we are driving home from our little vacation. So please forgive layout issues. There is no way I could sort & recap our week without my computer. So I'm jumbling this up a bit.

I will still share some Friday Favorites, but I'm going to do it in the What's Up Wednesday format. That works, right? 

I will share vacation recaps later this week. 

{Before I start What's Up Wednesday I just have to say how great my hubby is. We are currently driving about an hour out of our way so I can stop at a Half-Price Books {FAVORITE!} And he hates reading & books so this is purely a stop for me. I asked him one time if he read my blog and he replied, "Umm, sometimes I look at the pictures." Ha!! I love you J!}

Now...What's Up Wednesday {on a Friday, cause I'm a rule breaker. Actually I'm not. At all.}

Bonus Question: What I'm Doing for the Fourth of July 

What We're Eating This Week
Seeing as we did our best job to eat ALL of our food before we left for vacation, I'll either be going to the grocery store when we get back to town {not likely} or we will be eating out some more. Fine by messy kitchen!

What I'm Reminiscing About
Last night Jillian and I were reminiscing about The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley! Somehow she remembered part of the theme song to "Brother For Sale" {she's probably the coolest girl I know, ha!} We then spent a few too many minutes searching YouTube and Amazon for them. I'm pretty sure they are only on VHS or else I would get some, for Brynn. Duh. Not me. 

I wouldn't even be interested. 

Also, have I mentioned how much I love my sister-in-law? Because I do. She's awesome and one of my best friends. Definitely a FAVORITE. We have the most fun time with her; playing games, watching videos, making inside jokes. I just love her so much. We already miss you Aunt Jillian!
"I need the number to Office Depot."

What I'm Loving
That I don't get car sick so I can type this and read all the way home! 

What We've Been Up To
Taking a mini "vacation" to Crockett & Dallas to be with J's family. Here are a few pis until a recap!  

We spent lots of time in their beautiful backyard.  I wish we had giant trees & a forest next to our house!

We had the BEST day at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. 

And the cousins had fun playing together!

Nana G bought her this hippo at the zoo & it's now a FAVORITE for sure. 

My sweets at El Fenix for lunch. 

What I'm Dreading
The aforementioned grocery store & list making. 

What I'm Working On
Brynn's 2nd Birthday Party!! Party planning is one of my FAVORITE things to do! 

I've spent loads of time on Pinterest the past few a weeks and I still haven't nailed down a theme. I have a few ideas, but nothing is really sticking. But I have to decide by next week so I can order and send out invites.  And yes, I know her birthday isn't until August, but it coincides with the beginning of school so it helps this Type-A teacher to get a jump on decorations and planning. I know Brynn still doesn't understand but every time I come up with something I think she would like I'll say, "Brynn do you want a {insert theme here} party?? Won't that be fun!" She says, "Noooo!"  I also feel like next year she will be able to tell me what kind of party she wants. So this might be the last time I can do it the way I want.  
My mom always made our parties extra special and I want to do the same for B. After all the time we waited and prayed for her, I think it's 100% appropriate to celebrate her as big & fun as we can! 

What I'm Excited About
Seeing "Inside Out" with my sister sometime this coming week! A cherry coke & popcorn are waiting for me!

What I'm Reading
I haven't been able to read too terribly much on this trip because Brynn did not sleep well {more on that later} but I started to finish the Nikki Heat series {based on The TV show Castle} and I'm LOVING that I chose them. Since the characters are based on the show I don't have to use too much imagination. And even though it's a murder mystery, I find myself LOLing a lot! I just started Deadly Heat on the drive home and find it a very real possibility I'll be up late tonight to finish it. 

Thanks Kelsie for the recommendation!

Also, am I the only one who never has a proper bookmark. I typically use what I can find laying around; scrap paper, receipt, etc. this time my trash of choice...sonic straw wrapper. 

But I bought a real life bookmark at Half-Price Books today! ...I kinda miss my sonic straw wrapper. 

{PSA-some strong language in these books. Just a warning.}

What I'm Listening To 
Brynn watching Baby Einstein & Minion Mini Movies. J figured out how to attach our portable DVD player {thank you Kelsie! You have provided sanity to our long drives} to the head rest and it's been a life saver this trip. 

What I'm Wearing
Like always, T's and comfy shorts. But I saw these shoes on Targets Instagram and HAD to have them.

{like my sweet photog skills--#sarcasmfont}

I grabbed them at Target before we left and am so glad I did. I have another pair of sandals from this brand and always get compliments on them and they are super comfy. And these are no different. FAVORITE summer sandal! 

I also found some really cute, not ridiculously short or low cut dresses at Marshals a few weeks ago. So glad we have one now! 

What We're Doing This Weekend  

Brynn did not sleep well at all this trip. She shared a room with us for a few nights and went back and forth between a pallet on the floor & our bed.

She NEVER sleeps with us, now I know why! I gave up on our typical routine on day 2 of our trip and just went with the crazy...anything goes on vacation, right? So hopefully this weekend we can all get some much needed uninterrupted sleep. 
{knock on wood}

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
More fun summertime!! My goal is to get a little pool and umbrella so we can enjoy our backyard a little more. 

What Else Is New
I didn't do it on purpose, but this past week I stayed away from my phone for longer periods than normal {except to take pictures} I wasn't too worried about posting pics immediately or checking what was going on back home. And it's my new FAVORITE. I know we will get home and back to our normal routines, but my goal is to set some serious time limits to stay away from social media/Internet. It seems to make me feel less chaotic and more present with my people {and let's be honest, it was nice not seeing doom & gloom from every news outlet either.} 

What We're Doing For The Fourth 
I have absolutely no idea. But I do know Brynn will be wearing this new FAVORITE dress from....WALMART?!...$4.97 people!!! 

{Again, #photogskills #sarcasimfont #helpplease}
But how cute would this be with a monogram??

And here is a random funny for your Friday. I saw this in FB earlier this week and it still has me laughing. 

It makes me think of the movie of "Get Smart" when Steve Carell throws the telephone and yells "the element of SURPRISE" and the cord keeps it from going very far. Hahahaha!! Or I think so anyway! 

Happy Friday Friends! 

Check back later this week for trip recaps & to hear about how we got to know Mr. El Fenix {the restaurant} himself! 

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