Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday Favorites: Volume Five The One With The Ice Cream

Friday! Friday! Friday!  

Join all the fun with the Friday Favorite linky party. You know you want too!

This week was WAY more productive than last week.  I feel so proud of myself!


Aunt Reagan is always a FAVORITE! We got lots of time with her this week and boy did we love it! Brynn bosses her around all the time and it's hysterical.  She tells her where to sit, where to stand, what to do.  Reminds me of me. 



Tuesday we went to the Science Spectrum with some of our friends.  

Lubbock folk, I'm on the fence about getting a membership.  Thoughts? Pro or Con? I honestly think if we are going to get one this would be the year.  I feel like they just don't have enough to keep her attention as she gets older. I just need to decide already!

I was so glad the water table was fixed! It was a FAVORITE for sure!

She was pretty much a blur the entire time. 

Her 2nd FAVORITE from the Science Spectrum are these flowers.  She carried ALL of them around. 
{Her next FAVORITE thing was this giant, creepy T-Rex. Weirdo!}


We went to the "Animal Show" and promptly left when the fella brought out a snake. 


My FAVORITE thing about this summer is being able to do fun activities like this with B.  She was crying for her BFF Wednesday and I think she was bored with her toys.  I looked in the pantry and found 2 bags of rice and threw them in this small bucket with her sand toys.  She played for over an hour! 

She also threw a bunch out & birds have been eating it.  Is it really true that rice kills them? Because I don't know how to get it out of the grass! 

Aunt Reagan also came over and played a lively game of "throw all the animals on B!" She was giggling so much! Nothing makes me happier than that giggle!


Thursday we spent the afternoon at Mom & Dad's. 

Mom had this all set up when we got there.  
Grandparents are the best!

She helped herself to a majority of my smoothie. 

And of course, the doll house is a FAVORITE at Grams & Pops house.  If you look close you will notice that she is using the turkey dinner piece as a hat.  Ha!

And, if they aren't awesome enough already, Dad brought out this bike for B!! Her legs are still a little too short, but I see her motoring all over the place in it as soon as she can reach the pedals. 


Gilmore Girl reunion.  


Lauren Graham tweeted these pics & it makes my heart happy.  I spent many afternoons at my friend Cassie's house watching reruns on the WB (anyone else!?) with her and my other two high school besties. We went back and forth between #teamdean #teamjess #teamlogan and I KNOW we weren't the only ones who were emotionally invested!

This is another show that I quote quite often. 

"Oy with the poodles already!"

My friend Kensey sent me a link to watch the reunion & here are some thoughts. 
1. Read Lauren Grahams book "Someday, Someday, Maybe" it's slow going at first but is quippy (that's a word right?)  like she is. 
2.  Alexis Bledel looks painfully awkward and uncomfortable the entire time. 
3. I could not even try to follow "Lukes" proposed story line for the future of his character. 
4. Kelly Bishop is beautiful & classy. She played Emily perfectly.  And when she said, in reference to the option of a movie, that Emily would now face the world as a widow, I may have cried.  
5.  It is so strange to me when actors say they don't ever watch their own shows.  I get these series/episodes basically memorized & they don't even remember some of the shows main trivia.  Maybe I shouldn't be so attached? 


Is your freezer & heart distraught over the lack of heaven-sent Blue Bell ice cream? Well, look no further! Have I got a product for you!


I hope saying this doesn't make me a disloyal Texan...but I may love this stuff more than any Blue Bell I've ever had.  


Buy now. Thank me later.

We are spending this weekend with lots of family & friend time. And I can't wait!

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. Visiting from the link up! That s'mores ice cream looks amazing!

    1. Hi! Yes, it should try some. You won't regret it!

  2. I love her piggies!!! She's just the cutest. I saw your link about the Gilmore Girls reunion and I need to set aside some time to watch/listen to it! It might make me too sad though... :( Happy Friday!

    1. It's about 45 min but definitely worth it. Let me know if you watch it & what you think of Alexis Bledel!