Monday, June 29, 2015

The One With Vacation Recap Days 1-3 {2015}

Day 1, 2 & 3 vacation recap! Now, I use the word "vacation" lightly, it's not like we went to some beach or mountain resort & lounged all day.  This was more of a we-need-a-serious-break-from-reality-and-home-responsibilities-so-family-here-we-come kinda vacation. 
 Got that? Ha!

Jonathan's family lives far enough away that we can hit up some of their local attractions and call it a vacation.  Works for us, we aren't hard to please!

Day 1

We took off last Friday afternoon, 2 hours later than planned and 2 hours past nap time, so this girl was OUT before we were out of Lubbock. 

She had to hold everything.  

Watching "Einstein" 

We got into Crockett around midnight and I think it was finally 3am before we were all settled.  And by settled I mean Brynn finally fell asleep with a foot in my face and an elbow in Jonathan's. 

Day 2

The cousins had a full day to play together! 
But first, they had to stare at each other over breakfast. 

Brynn & I got to meet baby Julian.  He's adorable!

The tent was a hit with the girls. 

She would wonder around and say, "Abby??? Where arrrrree you?" "Pa G, Where arrrree yoou??" Abby is their dog and B big time loves her!

Cousin love!

Picking flowers with Papa G. 

OH look, my really untanned leg.  #redheadproblems 

Taking a quick nap on her pallet.  

After naps was Popsicle & swim time!

"Do I have to finish this before I get in?"

They had so much fun! They would run back and forth between the pool & the splash pad.  Isabel would dive like a mad woman into the pool & had us all laughing hysterically!

Aunt Jillian & her girls!

Day 3

The girls watched Mother Goose Club while everyone got ready for church and I couldn't help laughing that they...

have the best morning hair!! Haha!

The rest of this day was church & resting & playing but I didn't take any pictures.  

Also, as I'm typing this we are STILL watching Mother Goose Club.  I have every episode memorized...she watches this sooooooo much! I try to put something else on and she quickly lets me know that it's unexceptionable to watch Curious George.  

Next up...The Zoo!!

Happy Monday! 
Don't forget Saved By the Bell the College Years comes on tonight! :)


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