Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday Favorites: Volume Six: The One With Loads Of Random

Yay Yay Yay it's FRRIIIIDAY!

I feel like we've had a busy week, but not many pictures to prove it.  So try to follow along with this random recap of our week.

{This ended up being way longer than I expected.  You might need an intermission between FAVORITE 4 & 5...OOPS!}


Hands down my FAVORITE part of the week was that my Momma got great news from her doctors!!! 1st scans since her breast cancer treatments and they came back CLEAR!!! 


She was diagnosed in November 2014, surgery in January, followed by several rounds of radiation and all signs that it (I'm just going to refer to cancer as "it" #BecauseIHateIT) had been fully removed.  But of course, as anyone who deals with this knows, it's always in the forefront of your mind.  So we were relieved to receive good news this week!! Glory to God!



One of the girls from our One Group snagged this picture of me, Brynn & my momma from the balcony Sunday morning.  This was probably about 10 minutes before she started this constant growling noise & diving into the isle. 

 Usually we take her out for a bit then try to bring her back in.  But, lately she's been having such a hard time sitting still/quiet that I just took her into the staffed nursery and left her to play.  When she saw that she could stay and play with the toys her eyes lit up and she said, "Oh WOW!"

What are the chances she will totally forget about that and sit through church with us next Sunday??

This dress.  It's a hand-me-down and definitely a summer FAVORITE!

When I take these pics out front, I snap away and look at them later hoping I got something usable. Here are the out-takes. 


I have no clue what she is doing with her mouth but it makes me LOL!  
You can actually see her top teeth! Ha!


We spent most of Sunday afternoon in the stroller isle at Toys 'R Us looking for a smaller (but still functional) one for an upcoming trip. 

1.  It takes us  FOR. EH. VER. to make decisions about this kind of stuff. 

2.  Of course, the cute, colorful, comfortable one was still too big for our car. 

3. I'm happy with the one we got. 

 It's basically exactly like our large one (but folds in half and gives us more trunk space) it has all the storage for me & a place for her snack & cup and a decent size basket for the backpack.  I've actually been pushing B around the house in it & she thinks that's hilarious! When we put it away she says, "Bye stroller!"

4. Brynn was waving & saying  "HI!" to absolutely no one...until I realized she is waving at that orange blob you's Nemo. She loves him. 


This girl is all about sweeping.  It's a FAVORITE. 
I've got to get her her own little broom set. 

 I have to wait until she's in bed to sweep the kitchen or it's an all-out brawl to keep the broom out of her hand.  J was working the yard Tuesday night and when she spotted the broom she took off!  

Quality grass sweeper right here. 

We have had the best skies lately because of all the storms. 

I feel like she's about to out grow this swing!
(and yes, her legs are covered in bruises & scrapes she plays too hard!)

Last year.  

Our normal bed time routing has been...
Zyrtec, brush teeth, read book, prayer, then Momma or Daddy rocks her & sings a few songs. 

Well lately that has all stayed the same except for song time.  Brynn's FAVORITE is for "Daddy songs!" She does NOT let me sing her songs or even stay in the room while he rocks her! I give her a kiss and she says, "o-er dair" (over there) and waves me out the door.  I would be sad about it, but it's such a precious time for her and J.  I asked her the other day if Daddy does songs better than Momma & without hesitation she said "Yes!" 



I will be here very soon & I need to know if there is anything particular I should look for! I have a few things on my list that I want to get, but would love suggestions. I get to IKEA about once every 2 years, so I have to make it count! 

And, for the record, if our car could pull a U-Haul...I would be renting one to bring B home a day bed.  Boo!


Brynn is blowing my mind with how quickly she is learning & using her little noggin'. We were sitting on the couch having some popcorn.  I noticed her really examining the pieces before she ate them.  She picked up one piece and was jabbering to me about something I couldn't understand then she said, "ahh-gah-tor" (alligator) and held up her popcorn.  She was looking for animal shapes in them like her animal cookies! She kept doing it and told me a few other animals.  The last one she looked at for the longest time, turned it over, upside down then said, "dino-soor" (dinosaur!)  I was laughing so hard.  Little genius!


I want to end on some song lyrics that stopped me in my tracks.  This song may not be new, but we pretty much listen to Taylor Swift & Mickey Mouse on constant loop. 
 It hit me right in the heart.  Beautiful words of truth. 

The same power that rose Jesus from the grave
The same power that commands the dead to wake
Lives in us, lives in us
The same power that moves mountains when He speaks
The same power that can calm a raging sea
Lives in us, lives in us
He lives in us, lives in us
We have hope
That His promises are true
In His strength
There is nothing we can’t do
Yes, we know
There are greater things in store
We will not be overtaken
We will not be overcome
Greater is He that is living in me
He’s conquered our enemy
No power of darkness
No weapon prevails
We stand here in victory

Same Power--Jeremy Camp

Blessings to you this Friday!


  1. Sweet favorites and what a little doll you have there. So expressive! Continue to enjoy as the years will fly by and you will wonder where they went. Blessings to you and have a great weekend!

  2. So glad your mom's scans came back clear! Have a wonderful weekend : )