Sunday, June 7, 2015

The One With Our Day At WRYC

Look, I have a new post...and it's not even Friday! 

I wanted to share all of these pics and knew it would be too long for the Friday favorite post. 

On Saturday we woke up early, picked up my sister and drove out to one my most favorite places on earth.  

I could write for days about the impact White River Youth Camp has made in my life.  It's one of those places that you literally have to drag yourself away from & the whole ride home you are planning your next trip.  What makes this place so special is the people.  People that love the Lord & go above and beyond to make sure you know He loves you too. 

Life changing friendships.
Deepest heartbreaks.
Sincere connection to Jesus.
Hysterical inside jokes.
Exhausting {but oh, so fun} nights. 
And countless hours just swinging.

All of these big moments happened with my White River people.  If you've been here.  You get it.

Thank you to every single person who has impacted my life through WRYC.  

Ok, enough reminiscing, maybe. 

We met Grams, Pops, Mema, DadDad, & most of our beloved Anton family Saturday morning.  It was also great that my friend Cassie could come out and bring her kids.  Beth & Brynn will be camping before we know it!

I don't know who this wagon belongs too, but I see us buying one very soon.  She toted that thing all over camp.  Filling it with rocks and other treasures. 

I am in LOVE with this outfit. They have it in pink & I'm pretty sure it's going to be in her closet before long! 

Just about every rule went out the window.  
No nap. TONS of sugar. Get as messy as you want.  


I don't think I've ever seen this place so green! And wildflowers everywhere.  Thank you God for the rain!

Swinging with sister. 

Also, pretty sure this girl has her daddy's complexion.  I was so worried about her getting sun burnt, since I have like at 12 min in the sun limit, but she didn't! We put sunscreen on twice and she's not even a little pink! Success!

Watching the big kids slip-n-slide. 

Popsicle with Pops. 

And a big giant thank you to the husband for going with us.  He didn't camp here, but he has his own church camp so he knows how important this place is to me.  He was a great sport all day.  Love you J!

Here is the picture from the year I was a counselor.  {The angle is really weird, but it's the only way I could get it to not glare.}

2006 was a great summer!
"Shel is watching."

Best Camp Memories

1. Amphitheater singing. Nothing like worshiping under the stars with your closest friends. 

2. Maneuvers. 

3. Staff meetings where you ate WAY too many gummy bears & cookies. 

3. Waking up to a water balloon splashing on your face after being shot all the way from Guys 1 with the 3 man slingshot.  You guys always treated us so well. 

All my WRYC people...what are your favorites??



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