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Friday Favorites: Animal Ears & Alphabet Party Planning & A Terrible Ending

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So, I don't know if it's just because I'm in full on lazy summer mode or because most of our days are filled with watching Toy Story, but the last few weeks I've had to really stretch to find some favorites to blog about.  Like the only pics I have are of Brynn and I being lazy.  So here are a few highlights of our week!

I posted this picture on Instagram earlier this week...

"Nap Time = Craft Time! 

I'm knee deep in party decorations, list making, paint, crafts, & shopping and I. Love. It! I don't care if it's over the top--I'm just thrilled to celebrate our girl! " 

Brynn's party isn't for a few weeks.  But I've been trying to get most of the shopping & crafting done before I need to focus on school things.  I have the best time making lists (color coded, mind you) & searching Pintrest for ideas. I'm excellent at copying other people's ideas, not so great at coming up with them myself.  I'm also EXCELLENT about thinking a project will be "quick and SO easy!" then I'm two steps in and can't beleive how long it's going to take me to finish it! {The girls I work with know this all too well...sorry friends for always sucking you into painful projects. ;)} So, I've been up til about midnight every night this week working on things.  

BUT...I  wouldn't have it any other way!

I am so incredibly thankful to have a little one to celebrate. I will celebrate her BIG every year.  I've been so sentimental all week thinking about her being 2.  I feel like I should be  sad that she's getting big, but every day she just gets cuter, smarter, sillier, sweeter, and I don't know how, but I love her more every day.  I also realized I never posted her birth story...look for that one soon...and several fun birthday type posts!

Brynn is my all time FAVORITE!

Monday we were doing some party shopping and she insisted that her hippo ride along.  

She also insisted on holding the dowel rods.  Which ended terribly, for her and me.  

We bought these masks and ears at the zoo and they are her FAVORITE.  Also, I can't decide if this is a cat or a skunk.  I'm not sure why...but for some reason I think it looks like a skunk. J thinks I'm crazy. 

Tuesday, Brynn spent the afternoon & evening with her Grams and Pops (or Hops & Nams in Brynn speak.) I ran errands & J and I went shopping for B's birthday present.  I saw this gem at Target.  Because according to my husband, "I love them royals." I'm just so fascinated by them! Thanks for my present J...I'll cherish this for always. ;) 

I just have to brag on my family for a bit...they are always SO helpful! Between Mom, Reagan, and my Aunt DeAnn I get to run errands and work at home kid free fairly often.  And they are my FAVORITE for loving her and helping me out! 

Wednesday after church we took Brynn out to the playground for the first time and it was her FAVORITE! She ran around like a mad woman & wanted to dominate the big kids play area.  She's not really a daredevil...she's just really brave. She's always willing to try new things.  I love that about her because I definitely do not have that quality. 

Thursday morning she played with play dough while I worked on more birthday crafts. 

If you can't tell from this's an Alphabet party! Brynn will point to the invitation on the fridge and say, "My ABC party!" 

After nap time we swam for a bit.  

Brynn does weird things with her snacks.  She likes to pour them out of her snack cup into other containers {bigger bowls, boxes, hats, the floor...} 

She BEGGED me to get in the pool with her and instead of saying no, I actually got in with her and we had a FAVORITE time!

And finally...I finished all of White Collar on Netflix this week. 




I started watching this show a few years ago when I saw Hilarie Burton was a main character. 

I had to watch the last few minutes of the finale 3 times and read some online reviews to understand what happened.  I'm still not sure.  So if you've seen me out here.

1. Did Neal REALLY just let Mozzie and the Burks think he was dead and was ok with that? Just so he could run away? This part makes me so mad.  (yeah, I'm lame and emotionally invested!) 

2.  Did Mozzie know the entire time it was a con or just at the end after he talked to Peter? 

3. Did Neal shoot himself? Or did he know Keller would? 

4. Did Neal set up that storage unit to connect the dots for Peter after the fact? Or did Mozzie figure it out on his own and leave it for Peter to find? 

I dunno.  I realized that no one else probably cares this much about this show.  I texted my sister for her opinion and she said, "I haven't watched that show since high school." So there's that. 

Brynn is spending tonight with my parents so I have big plans that involve popcorn, cherry coke, and watching this...

...I've always liked this movie and saw that it's on Netflix now! Then Saturday we will {hopefully} clean out the garage and collect some more things for the garage sale.  

I know, I lead such an exciting life!

Happiest of Fridays my friends!

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