Sunday, July 5, 2015

The One With Fourth of July {2015}

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

First things first.  

This picture.  

I take a ton of pictures outside our house so it's hit or miss if I get any good ones.  But this one is a for sure winner! I'm thinking it will be in an 8x10 very soon. 

I love you Brynn Mills, you steal my heart little one. 

Now onto the weekend!

We are usually with my family or out of town for the 4th.  This year it was just our little family staying at home, so I wanted it to be extra fun & special.  I decorated our table with things from around the house and I think it turned out super cute! It was worth the extra time when B saw it and said, "Wow! Stars!!" 

Waiting for Daddy to fill up her pool!

Pool side snack service.  

We have a great backyard set up now.  I found the umbrella & stand on super sale at Academy last week.  I big time heart a thick black and white stripe! And this cutie pool from Target matches perfectly.  I see spending a lot more time out here! 

After a morning swim we headed to Rosa's for lunch & to run a few errands. 

Nothing says, "I Love America!" quite like Mexican food! 

It was nap time, then back to the pool!

Reagan joined us for a while! 

Slowly but surely, she is turning into a full time Daddy's girl. 



And, yes, I know what's in hot dogs. And, yes, I'll keep eating them.  

I bought the Hebrew National ones this go around & they were so yummy! 

And just in case we weren't stuffed enough...Ice Cream!!

She was not a fan of the cone so she scooped out her ice cream with her hand. Hilarious & precious {and a giant mess! But that's what stain remover is for, right?}

I love this girl more than I can ever say.  

Ready for fireworks!
She always puts her glasses on upside down. 

She has started wraping her arms around us or tilting her head for pictures and it's ADORABLE!

She decided she was over the fireworks and would rather drive the car. 
We paid dearly for the short nap time, loads of sugar, & extra hard play time when we left watching fireworks.  She was OVER it & let us know!

Sunday morning we planned for these 2 girls to be twinsies! These girls will go from being so serious, then look at each other and loose it laughing hysterically.  I love this succession of shots!



Kensey, aren't you glad you made the back of all these shots! :)

I'll be honest, we typically don't watch soccer. But we made a point to watch the finals last night and I'm so glad we did! 

A few months ago when that Like A Girl commercial was making the rounds, it really struck me that I want my daughter to know that she's allowed be both strong & kind, tough & compassionate, courageous & smart.  I want her to see #likeagirl and be proud to be a girl. I want her to know that she can do BIG things! So in the midst of all the frills, bows, & pink I want her to not be afraid to get messy, to have confidence in herself, and to play #likeagirl!

And those are my deep thoughts for your Monday morning! ;)

Have a great week--see you on Friday for Friday Favorites!

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