Thursday, July 9, 2015

Help Please! Potty Training Questions

Ok, so no Friday Favorites this week because...

We were L.A.Z.Y. this week & I took like 2 pictures (ok, I took more but they aren't terribly interesting or cute.) 

These pretty much describe our week. The rain and cooler weather made it easier to say yes to, "one more songs show!?" and snacks in bed. 

I will say that we did go to the park, run lots of errands, play at Pops, Grams & Aunt DeAnns I just didn't get any good pictures. Except this gem...

"Please don't hit Momma." 


All of my teacher fiends, I know we try to prolong our "back to school" thinking as long as possible, but Dollar Tree & the Target Dollar Spot have some really great finds!! I was gonna post pictures of what I got today, but then I started watching Saved By The Bell. #priorites 

Maybe if anyone is interested I'll share later this week. 

But today's post has one main get some practical potty training advice. 

Brynn will be 2 next month and I am on the fence about when to start this process. 

Since its summer, I could spend a solid week (or 2) at home making sure she's trained. 

She would be fully potty trained before we started school in the fall {I'm sure her teacher would love that!} 

She could be potty trained before we switch her to a toddler bed in a few months {one change at a time.}

Even though she communicates really well, I'm not sure she's old enough to tell me when she needs to go. 

I don't want to push her if she's not ready. 

She isn't able to pull her pants up & down by herself {fine at home, but could be difficult at school.}

I already have a game plan {#becausetypeA #alwaysplanahead} & have all the gear in my Amazon cart so I could order today and start all this crazy next week. But I'm so conflicted! I'm 97% sure I'm over thinking this and should just go with my instincts {which are telling to me wait until October when she's 26 months} but I also don't want to sell her short if she's ready and I'm just being a sentimental momma about her baby growing up. 

So here are my questions. 

How old were your kids when you potty trained? 
Do you feel like you started too early? Waited too long? 

Things you wish you would have done differently or things you did pretty awesome to make it successful? 

One thing I don't need...the horror stories. I rather just stumble thru those as they come. ;)

Comment  here, FB or Insta. I have so many friends who are incredible mommas & I would love your insights! 

And one more pic before I go... 

We cleaned out our closet this weekend {I'm thinking garage sale soon.} And she had to try on Daddy's boots. #100percenttexan #shesgonecountry 

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's a WONDERFUL weekend! 


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  1. I have no potty training advice, but I know one of my nieces just recently became 'trained' and she will be 3 this month and the other is not trained yet and she was 2 in April. I say wait just a bit until she shows you she is ready! That way neither of you get discouraged and frustrated. Maybe take a long weekend to camp out at home and work on it in the fall? That's all the advice I have! I love seeing your blog pop up more often, keep it up! :)