Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The One With Vacation Recap: Day 5-7

We packed up Tuesday morning {which always seems to take FOR. EH. VER} and headed to Denton to stay with Aunt Jillian for a few days. 

Again, 5 minutes in the car and she crashed!

With her allergies we are limited to places we can eat.  I think we ate at McDonalds at least 4 times on this trip.  If anyone wants some awesome Nerf kids toys, we've got plenty!  Sometimes its way easier for us to just have a car picnic instead of going inside.  She always thought it was pretty fun!

We picked Aunt Jilly up (after she locked her keys in the car at work.  which could have been a frustrating situation, but of course her and J end the whole ordeal laughing & joking about it.  i love those two!) and drove to IKEA.  It took us about an extra 30 minutes to get there because Jonathan's phone GPS was screwed up.  I got irritated, but those two just turned it into one giant joke and now it's turned into, "That time Jonathan's map put Fort Worth right next to Denton."

Anyway, by the time we got to IKEA we had about an hour and half until it closed.  And while Little Miss had been so good being in the car all day when we got here she wanted to RUN! After several meltdowns, Jonathan chasing her through all of the chairs, & her playing in the kids section we finally bribed her with cheese crackers and PBS Kids.  

I'm exhausted just remembering it! 

Part of my purchases! I got some adorable pillows for when we get B a toddler bed, frames, plants, & some cute cupcake toys.  I'm hoping J & I can make a trip back down there in a few months to get her toddler bed! 

Day 6

Wednesday we woke up and drove to Dallas to visit the Perot Museum.  

Can I just state the obvious?


Ok, rant over. 

Before we went to the Perot we ate at El Fenix. 

And long story short, we met Mr. Martinez.  His dad started El Fenix! 
He sat with us & showed us old pictures of the restaurant, pictures of the planes he flew in WW2, & just visited with us for a while.  He was so kind & funny.  

It was so hot.  How hot was it you ask? 
So hot that Brynn looked like she had just washed her hair when we would get her out of her car seat.  
#sweat #getthisgirlafan

When we were finished, Mr. Martinez wanted to show us the rest of his restaurant. While we were walking around we suggested he open a franchise in Lubbock.  He asked us for a good location in town and said, "I'll look into it & see what I can do." So, you're welcome Lubbock! :)

It was a very cool experience for us, it may not seem like much, but we were having a pretty crummy morning and he turned it around just by showing us some attention.  J & I laugh about it because
 1. We were in the back corner booth sitting with the obviously very popular owner {people kept coming over to talk to him or ask questions.}
2. He showed us around like we were VIPs.
3.  We were clearly underdressed and pushing Brynn around in her stroller. So it must have looked really peculiar! 

We asked if we could take a picture with him and he said, "Sure, but whoever you show this to you have to tell them that I was the get-away driver for Bonnie & Clyde." Ha! 

He also gave us some free chips to take home.  Free tortilla chips makes you number 1 in my books!

We walked over to the Perot and were met by just about every summer program group in Dallas.  Again, #dallasyouhavetoomanypeople

But, good thing, I got in free with my teacher ID!

Brynn saw these and said, "Mickeys!"

We walked down to the toddler section, and I'll be honest, I was disappointed.  Maybe it's because it was so crowded, but I would take our local Science Spectrum over the Perot Museum (at this age.) 

They had this campsite area, a grocery store, a small water table section, and an area that you could climb/slide on,  {Brynn was to little to use this} and a few other little things.  I think the museum as a whole is better for kids 5 and up.  Just my opinion though.

Also, if you go and take a stroller, be prepared to wait a while on elevators.  And then you have to shove your way in them while other people who haven't been waiting in line try to beat you to it.  

"Don't worry Momma, it's ok if I lick this spatula that hundreds of kids have touched."

My kid always picks the most random things to love (giant dinosaurs, creepy baby on Toy Story, the rhino at the zoo, the Betenbough commercial song...she's a little quirky & I love that!) There was a bridge in the middle of the play area that she constantly ran back and forth on. 

But I will say, this splash area out front is genius!

That evening we went for ice cream! When we were asking about specific ingredients for Brynn one of the workers came over and said she had the exact same allergies so she helped us out big time! She told us what B could have and let her sample some.  When she chose a flavor, she went to the back to get a clean spoon and mixed it on a clean surface for us.  So awesome! I also asked her if she can eat Chick-fil-a and she said, "well I did once and went into anaphylactic shock." So we will be steering clear of that for a while!

Day 7

Back to home. 

Brynn pulled her weight and loaded up her suitcase.

Lunch at McAlisters included a hysterical baked potato!

And what a great welcome home present, little one slept in until 10 the next morning! Whoohoo!

We had a wonderful time being away from all our home responsibilities! We were not ready to be back. Thanks to all who made our trip so fun!

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